Off The Shelf - Episode 8 - Are you Stressed? Quiz & Angry Feminist Quiz

Episode 8 October 24, 2022 00:47:51
Off The Shelf - Episode 8 - Are you Stressed? Quiz & Angry Feminist Quiz
Book Interrupted
Off The Shelf - Episode 8 - Are you Stressed? Quiz & Angry Feminist Quiz

Oct 24 2022 | 00:47:51


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The Book Interrupted women answer quizzes, inspired by the book “Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle” by Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski. This episode of Book Interrupted is Off The Shelf. Hold on to your bookmarks!

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: Are you looking for a light read? Something fun, something entertaining? Well, check out book interrupted's blog. You can find manuscript Mondays, topic Tuesdays, word Wednesdays, thought Thursdays, fact Fridays and silly Saturdays. Sundays are reserved for down the rabbit hole or top ten lists, artwork and more. Don't forget. Be sure to check out Bookinterrupted's blog at blog. [00:00:40] Speaker B: Parental guidance is recommended because this episode has mature topics and strong language. Here are some moments you can look forward to during this episode of book Interrupted. [00:00:50] Speaker C: You listen or pause. You can go to our show notes and do the quizzes with us. [00:00:54] Speaker A: Blame myself and be like, there you go again, Kara, I'm not managing your life. [00:00:58] Speaker D: There's so much to do and not enough time. Just period in life. [00:01:01] Speaker E: I don't know about you guys. It pisses me off that we can't walk at night. [00:01:05] Speaker D: Don't like these at all. [00:01:06] Speaker F: No, I know it's hard because I'm applying logic to these non logical answers. [00:01:12] Speaker G: Lindsay, Kara, and Leah, you're a walking inferno of blind, howling rage. That's fantastic. And we salute you. You ready, guys? Let's do this. [00:01:26] Speaker H: Express yourself. Share the wealth. Hold on to your bookmark. We're off the shelf. Express yourself. It's good for your health. Book interrupted is off the shelf. [00:01:43] Speaker B: Welcome to Book Interrupted, a book club for busy people to connect and one that celebrates life's interruptions. [00:01:51] Speaker G: The following episode of book Interrupted is off the shelf. We recommend holding on to your bookmarks. [00:01:56] Speaker C: Welcome to this off the Shelf episode where we will be doing some fun quizzes to see if we're stressed out, burnt out, and how great we are at feminism. [00:02:07] Speaker D: We're angry enough, right? [00:02:09] Speaker C: If we're angry enough, feminists. That's right. So we're going to put these quizzes in our show notes. So, listeners, if you want to, after you listen or pause, you can go to our show notes and do the quizzes with us. All right, so the first one we're going to do is stress. Stress level tests. How stressed are you? [00:02:28] Speaker D: Okay, ready, everyone? Okay, so there's like different levels here. Like a lot. Very often. Sometimes, rarely or never. So I'm going to ask the questions here and it'll say in the past week. So you're only looking at a week here. [00:02:41] Speaker H: So if you had a good week. [00:02:42] Speaker D: Then maybe it's not a stressful week or maybe really stressful. Okay. In the past week, have you felt strained a lot? [00:02:51] Speaker C: Very often. Sometimes. Rarely or never. Everyone mocking their answers. [00:02:58] Speaker D: Everyone'S not sure about the strained one. [00:03:00] Speaker H: Oops. [00:03:01] Speaker C: I just accidentally put never. [00:03:03] Speaker D: Okay. I feel it's strange just doing this quiz. [00:03:09] Speaker H: Never. [00:03:11] Speaker D: Okay, how about inadequate? [00:03:15] Speaker G: I'm going ahead. [00:03:16] Speaker C: I know. [00:03:16] Speaker F: I've been flying through it. [00:03:17] Speaker D: Okay, I'll go faster. Go fast. Okay. [00:03:20] Speaker C: Thank you. [00:03:21] Speaker D: Overextended. You're confident. No sense of getting ahead. [00:03:31] Speaker I: Okay, this is too fast for me. [00:03:32] Speaker D: I can't have to think about it if I'm going to do the quiz. I don't know. Am I? I don't know. [00:03:39] Speaker H: Okay. [00:03:39] Speaker D: I feel like logistically, this is tough because everybody has their own pace. It's true. Lindsay's feeling strained about the pace of the quiz. [00:03:45] Speaker G: You guys can't do the quiz and kind of talk to each other at the same time? [00:03:49] Speaker D: No. [00:03:50] Speaker F: Is recording this quiz stressing anyone out? [00:03:54] Speaker D: I didn't think it would, but it is now very. I will read them. But people can go at their own pace. Yeah. And talk amongst yourself as well. Yeah. Great. [00:04:05] Speaker C: Let's just continue because now it's ridiculous. [00:04:08] Speaker D: How about in the past week, how often have you felt swamped by your responsibilities? Or that the ods were against you? Or that there wasn't enough time to get everything? Oh, to get to everything. Not get everything. That's not a shopping one. It's like get to everything shopping one. [00:04:26] Speaker C: Makes me think of my yesterday. [00:04:28] Speaker D: Your shopping stress. My shopping stress for school supplies. [00:04:32] Speaker G: This question's good. [00:04:33] Speaker D: Oh, this is for some of us. [00:04:35] Speaker H: Yeah. [00:04:35] Speaker D: How often have you felt like you were rushed? Only trying to get always to school. We're going to be late for school. [00:04:44] Speaker F: I feel like in life, Kara, you're always rushing. Time is not your friend. [00:04:50] Speaker A: It is not my friend. I am so my dad. In this sense, anything above first gear is for brushing. [00:04:57] Speaker H: But you know what? [00:04:58] Speaker A: In answering what's becoming apparent to me is not necessarily context, is that I have, and this might not be your guys truths. I have a preset way of dealing with life and stress and commitments and responsibilities. That's what this quiz is showing me. I was like, oh, shit. It's not just about blaming x, y or z or circumstantially. Just this past week, I was like, no, that's my tell. This is how I deal with life. [00:05:29] Speaker D: I've always been dressing. [00:05:30] Speaker F: Oh, no, I just got my score. [00:05:33] Speaker H: Okay. [00:05:34] Speaker D: I hate being rushed. I couldn't live with being rushed all the time. Kara. [00:05:37] Speaker F: I think it's because Kara's such a dreamer. [00:05:39] Speaker H: Yeah. [00:05:40] Speaker A: And Meredith has wonder as well as one of her gifts of genius. We like to take the time to look at everything and wonder about it, you know what I mean? [00:05:51] Speaker D: And then we're like, okay, yeah. [00:05:53] Speaker F: Not the most decisive, but that's also, like a good thing because you're also a dreamer. [00:05:57] Speaker D: That's nice, though. Nice to dream. [00:06:00] Speaker F: But you nailed that test in no time. [00:06:02] Speaker G: Very decisive. [00:06:03] Speaker D: About your stress? Sometimes a lot. Have you felt like you couldn't cope in the past week? I don't know. Or like you had a lot on your mind? That's the dreamer thing. I always have a lot on my mind. I'm always thinking about everything. [00:06:15] Speaker H: Right. [00:06:16] Speaker D: In the past week, how often have you felt powerless or over committed or like your life was out of control? I've been telling people it feels like our lives are out of control. So I think this one might be. Yes. Things kept piling up. Well, yeah. That's just life, isn't it? Maybe you are stressed, like you had to make quick decisions. I don't know if I had to make quick decisions in a social situation. Maybe I panic. I went out to this pub night and I meant to sit with my friends over there, but when I came in, I was on the other side of the table and they were over there and I panicked and just sat at the first chair and they were like, random stranger? No, big group. It was a big group. The friend who had invited me was over there and I was like, I should have sat with her, but I was panicked because I wasn't thinking about being so many people there. Like, you didn't have time to breathe, like you were carrying a heavy load. Things couldn't get worse. You want me to keep reading them? Sir? [00:07:15] Speaker A: Has everyone got in their quiz results. [00:07:18] Speaker D: Like there was no escape? [00:07:19] Speaker F: Gone inside herself again. [00:07:21] Speaker A: She's inside. [00:07:22] Speaker D: Sarah's inside. [00:07:23] Speaker F: She's not even coming. [00:07:24] Speaker D: Not going to come out. [00:07:26] Speaker C: Oh, sorry, I'm mute. [00:07:28] Speaker G: We just figured you were so deep. [00:07:30] Speaker D: You can't hear us at all. So deep in yourself. There might be too much due and too little time again, y'all. Life, right? Yeah. Just giving up. [00:07:39] Speaker F: That's kind of sad that a lot of this is just life. [00:07:42] Speaker D: That's just life. That there is too much to do and there's not enough time for it. I kind of disagree. [00:07:46] Speaker G: I feel like it's offering insight to different people's perspectives or whatever. [00:07:51] Speaker D: Right. [00:07:51] Speaker G: I don't feel like life is too much to do in too little time. I don't think that at all. [00:07:56] Speaker F: Is everyone done? [00:07:57] Speaker D: Yeah. Okay, so the levels are zero to 39. Is stress, is unlikely. 40 to 54 is. Stress is possible. 55 to 71 is. Stress is likely. And over 72 is. You are stressed with an exclamation mark. [00:08:13] Speaker H: You are stressed. [00:08:14] Speaker A: And they actually do it with an exclamation. [00:08:16] Speaker H: Yeah. [00:08:16] Speaker C: Does everyone want to go around to say what their number is? [00:08:19] Speaker H: I can go first. [00:08:21] Speaker C: Stress is unlikely. [00:08:22] Speaker D: Unlikely. [00:08:24] Speaker C: Unlikely. [00:08:25] Speaker D: That's good. Good for you. Congratulations. [00:08:27] Speaker F: That's great, baby. [00:08:28] Speaker D: That is fantastic. [00:08:30] Speaker A: Good for freaking. Good for freaking you. [00:08:34] Speaker C: People who've scored similar to people experience everyday healthy levels of stress. Congratulations. You're living life and apparently coping with stress in a healthy manner. [00:08:44] Speaker D: Good job. All right, who wants to go next? [00:08:47] Speaker C: I'm on the high end of that. [00:08:48] Speaker G: What was your number? [00:08:48] Speaker D: Did you say your number, Sarah? [00:08:50] Speaker C: Yeah, my number was 39. [00:08:52] Speaker I: Right there. [00:08:54] Speaker C: Yeah. My score is 39. [00:08:56] Speaker F: I got a 92. [00:08:58] Speaker H: 92. Can you read your. [00:09:05] Speaker G: What is your blurb? [00:09:06] Speaker F: My blurb is people with this amount of stress often benefit from treatment. Usually a form of psychotherapy conducted once a week. [00:09:14] Speaker G: Once a week? [00:09:15] Speaker H: What? [00:09:17] Speaker F: Once a week with a therapist with specific training and experience in helping such people. Folks with stress, more often than not benefit from such treatment. I haven't done therapy all summer because I wanted a break, and I have an appointment on Tuesday. [00:09:36] Speaker D: There you go. [00:09:37] Speaker E: It's timing, maybe. [00:09:38] Speaker F: Great news. [00:09:42] Speaker E: Yeah, I think it's timing. And I think it'd be interesting to see if you redid this once things settled down in your personal life as well. [00:09:49] Speaker F: I find it hard to settle down when things aren't put away. [00:09:53] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:09:55] Speaker F: It's like the thing about putting lipstick on when you just don't even feel like wearing anything or like getting dressed up when you feel yucky. It's like sometimes you just got to fake it till you make it. [00:10:05] Speaker D: I got to just go through the. [00:10:07] Speaker F: Motions, and then I'll get better. [00:10:09] Speaker C: It's just the. [00:10:10] Speaker D: Yeah. Have a plan. Right. I know. That's going to be taken care of. Pick a day to do all the things. [00:10:16] Speaker C: Yeah. And you just moved, leah. Of course. You're super stressed. [00:10:20] Speaker F: I am super stressed. [00:10:21] Speaker D: Moving is so stressful. [00:10:23] Speaker F: It hasn't been my favorite summer, that's all. But I'm really excited. I feel like I've started a new. [00:10:28] Speaker D: Chapter here, and it's good. [00:10:31] Speaker F: So 92. Not for long. [00:10:34] Speaker G: And you have good framing. You know what I mean? You're like. It's just not my best summer. You're not like, this is the end. [00:10:41] Speaker F: Yeah, it hasn't been my best. [00:10:44] Speaker D: It's been a little rough. Yeah. [00:10:46] Speaker F: All right, who's next? [00:10:47] Speaker D: Lindsay. [00:10:47] Speaker I: I spoke over you sorry, me? I'm the next one up from Sarah. So what's the stress is stressful. [00:10:55] Speaker D: That was your number, 53, right on. [00:10:59] Speaker I: The edge between stress is possible and stress is likely. It says you've answered the stress test in a manner consistent with people who are experiencing a little bit of stress currently in their lives. If this amount of stress still feels overwhelming to you, you may find it beneficial to schedule a consultation with a mental health professional, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist, to determine whether you might benefit from some help to better cope with the stress levels in your life. [00:11:22] Speaker D: I bet most of the answers, except for no stress, are going to say, consult a professional because it's Well, I also think that totally, the. [00:11:31] Speaker G: Key word is if this is overwhelming to you, I'm surprised. Well, I'm not surprised, actually, because of like, lifestyle, but I thought everyone would get stress is possible because stress is always possible. Like, there could be a traffic jam and you feel rushed or you know what mean, like, so it doesn't necessarily mean that you're mismanaging stress. Stress is if Sarah took this test. [00:11:52] Speaker F: Yesterday after that day, you had like, that might be a very different answer. [00:11:58] Speaker G: Yeah. If it was just based on the. [00:12:00] Speaker D: Day yesterday, I would have been like. [00:12:02] Speaker C: But even then, I did this test before and I had a lower score. But because yesterday was so stressful, I was like, sometimes this week I did feel overburdened or whatever it was, right, because it was that shopping trip. But last week when I was vetting this test with Kim, I think my. [00:12:18] Speaker D: Score was way lower. [00:12:19] Speaker C: Yeah, because yesterday was stressful. [00:12:21] Speaker F: At this point, you got a score. [00:12:22] Speaker D: That said, like, I think you might be asleep. [00:12:24] Speaker H: Yeah. [00:12:25] Speaker D: Are you inside yourself? Are you inside yourself all the time? [00:12:29] Speaker I: I think it's perspective, too. [00:12:31] Speaker G: It's true. [00:12:32] Speaker I: It's all about perspective, though, because I think that if someone was living my life with a different perspective, I work in a very high stress environment. I work constantly. Like, I got yelled at yesterday by some old people that were upset with a table. They got, this happens all the time, but I just cope with it because that's my life all the time. So when it says to me, yeah, it's like, do you feel overwhelmed? I'll be like, sometimes. But someone might with a different perspective might be like, oh, my God, I feel stressed all, oh, my God, I'd. [00:13:07] Speaker F: Be such a puddle if I did your job. [00:13:09] Speaker D: Totally. [00:13:10] Speaker G: No, totally. [00:13:10] Speaker D: Like, I had a friend who I. [00:13:11] Speaker G: Was like, you should waitress. It's the easiest way to make money. Just do it, whatever. Because I have a waitressing perspective, too. Like, you go to work, you expect that people are going to be mad at you. You don't take it personally, right? It's not you, it's them or whatever. And this friend would have needed a psychotherapist if she kept on doing that job because it just wasn't a fit for her. [00:13:32] Speaker D: Or like, some of these questions were like, there's not enough time to do everything. That's just how I feel in my whole life. That's my life. There's so many things that I want to do and projects I've started, things that I want to start. That's just how I live my life. There's so much to do and not enough time. Just period in life, just how I am all the time. I always feel that way. I'm upset about it. [00:13:51] Speaker G: There's a list of books I want to read. And then I calculated when I'm going to die likely. And now I need to start trimming my book list because there's not enough time. [00:14:00] Speaker D: There's not enough time. And I don't think that really, like, it doesn't bother me that much unless I have also a lot of deadlines. Because I'm a deadline person. I almost always. It's very rare for me to miss a deadline and setting my own deadlines, like, a week ahead doesn't work. That's not a real deadline. So I don't care. [00:14:15] Speaker G: I think it would matter how important you viewed the things you needed to get done that you didn't have enough time for, I think the stress would go up in comparison to how much you feel like it's required that this actually get done. The reading books, you're like, man, I'll just cut some. But if it's something that's much more important to you, where you don't feel like there's flexibility on whether you get it done or not. If that falls into the one of the things I need to do. [00:14:40] Speaker D: Right. [00:14:41] Speaker G: And as it would for anyone, to Lindsay's point, it is perspective. [00:14:47] Speaker D: Should I go? Yeah, go. My score is 58. And it is stress is likely, which is true. [00:14:55] Speaker H: What does it say? [00:14:56] Speaker D: Where's my results? Oh, it says, okay, you've answered the stress test in a manner consistent with people who are experiencing a lot of stress currently in their lives. But I don't feel stressed. Like I said, I turned down a job so that I could get stuff done. So I don't feel that stressed. I feel like normal stress. Some people can handle this level of stress without difficulty, while others may begin experiencing troubles with so much stress. So that's the thing. I think this is just my baseline. [00:15:19] Speaker G: I think it matters what you sign up for. It also matters what stage of your life you're at. Right? Like, if you have two small children at home, these categories may be amplified, and then in three years, you don't change at all. Your circumstances change, and your stress level is down now. [00:15:37] Speaker D: Totally. [00:15:38] Speaker G: There's so many variables, but it also. [00:15:40] Speaker E: Made it seem like that is your sort of baseline as well. Is that even prior to having kids that are four and six, did you find the same way, do you think? [00:15:50] Speaker D: If you did this test seven years. [00:15:51] Speaker E: Ago, what do you think it'd be about the same? [00:15:54] Speaker D: Well, I was working that maybe I had a high stress job. I also was okay with that. So I don't know. I don't know. [00:16:02] Speaker G: Free time. [00:16:03] Speaker C: Yeah, I should say probably not get. [00:16:05] Speaker D: All those things done, but I'd also work more. [00:16:08] Speaker G: The thing with kids is that if they're awake, it's not your time. [00:16:12] Speaker D: Part of your brain is always on the kit, whether you want it to be not. [00:16:17] Speaker C: What about you, Kara? [00:16:19] Speaker A: I got 72. [00:16:23] Speaker G: She's stressed as well. [00:16:24] Speaker C: Is that the same as mayor? [00:16:26] Speaker G: That's Leah's category. [00:16:28] Speaker D: Oh, Leah. [00:16:29] Speaker A: When I read that, my first way to go is to blame myself and be like, there you go again, Kara. Not managing your life. But then I take a step back and I go, well, no. Like, I'm doing an intense master's program, and I have three part time jobs that add up to more than a full time job. So then I'm just like, okay, maybe I don't have to beat myself up entirely. [00:16:52] Speaker F: Just started school. [00:16:53] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:16:54] Speaker A: So I'm kind of torn, I do. [00:16:56] Speaker F: Think, with all these new people. [00:16:59] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:16:59] Speaker A: So I don't know. [00:17:01] Speaker G: Again, it's what you signed up for. And so maybe you will be super stressed until you're done your master. [00:17:07] Speaker A: Until I'm done my master. [00:17:08] Speaker D: Three years, you'll be fine. Three years, no big deal. [00:17:14] Speaker A: But I also see the accountability and responsibility within my answers. Right. So I don't want to just solely just blame because I can so easily slip into victim. There's a part of me that's just like, yes, there are true busy things going on, and within that, I have responsibility just to continue to monitor if stress goes even higher. [00:17:38] Speaker F: But that's what doing your masters is. [00:17:41] Speaker C: I'd also like to point out that, for me anyway, and I think Kara is the same when we start something new. It's never really great until you get. [00:17:50] Speaker D: We have so many expectations. [00:17:52] Speaker C: Like, I hate the beginning of anything because I haven't learned it yet and I haven't put it in my routine and carry your routine like I am. So once it's there, you totally less anxious about what have you done? [00:18:09] Speaker A: That's absolutely it. You and I very much appreciate when we know the cadence and rhythm of something, and then we're like, oh, this is how we do the thing and all the other things that accompany the new thing. And then in two months, we're like, oh, I got. [00:18:24] Speaker C: Yeah, yeah. [00:18:25] Speaker D: So, Carrie, you need to repeat the test in two months. [00:18:28] Speaker C: Two months. [00:18:29] Speaker D: How it's changed, actually, yeah, I might. [00:18:31] Speaker A: Do that just to test it out. [00:18:34] Speaker C: All right. Virginia or Kim. [00:18:36] Speaker G: I'm the same as Lindsay, so I don't have much to add. Everything that I said already, I still think my number was 44, so I was lower end of the same category of possibility. Yes, stress is possible higher end of the same. I'm not overwhelmed by it, but I still might go see a psychotherapist because those guys are great. [00:19:04] Speaker E: So my number was 66, so it was likely stressed. [00:19:10] Speaker G: Okay. [00:19:11] Speaker E: I think a lot of it has to do with situational stuff. There's something's going on with my son right now. Then he's really stressed, and then my work stuff's piling up there. So I think that that's it. So I went back and looked the test, though, and I was encouraged because things like feeling like giving up or felt that there's no escape, things couldn't get worse. Things that were written like that, they were low, but what was high on my stress test was like, things are piling up. I'm over committed. There's a lot on my mind. So that says to me, it's not affecting me emotionally yet. So maybe it's something I got to keep an eye on, though, make sure it doesn't bubble over. [00:19:49] Speaker F: And I think if anything, most mothers or parents, maybe you're only as well as your children are. [00:19:57] Speaker E: Yeah. It was just this morning, too, that a big stressful thing came down on one of them. [00:20:02] Speaker C: Just fresh. [00:20:04] Speaker B: This interruption is brought to you by unpublished. Do you want to know more about the members in book interrupted? Go behind the scenes. Visit our website at [00:20:18] Speaker G: Book interrupted. [00:20:20] Speaker D: Okay, here's an interruption that is a little embarrassing but also very scary. We were getting ready to go mountain biking with the kids, and my daughter started complaining about a strange smell in the house. So my husband went to investigate and found that the basement was full of smoke. We have a basement apartment that we don't use it as an apartment. We use it as a rec room and a playroom down there for the children. And I had put a box on top of the stove to get some granola bars out for the bike ride, and I must have knocked the knob on the burner, and the box was on fire. So we put it out, and thank goodness we discovered that because we were about to leave the house, and it's possible that our house would not have been there when we got home. So my daughter was feeling very proud at saving us and saving the house. I realized now that my fire extinguishers have not been serviced in a long time, so I'm finding a place to get them serviced. I also bought a new one and some new fancy smoke and carbon monoxide alarms for the basement. I have new ones up here on our main floor, but I didn't in the basement. Yeah, I mean, that could have been way worse than it was. So if you haven't checked in a while, maybe you also want to check for the state of your fire extinguishers and your smoke alarms. In the meantime, we've unplugged the stove because we really don't use it unless it's for Christmas if we have to cook some extra stuff. So hopefully that won't be a problem going forward. [00:21:58] Speaker G: Book interrupted. [00:22:01] Speaker C: I think that we go kim t. Angry feminism. [00:22:05] Speaker H: Angry feminism. [00:22:06] Speaker D: I want to know if my feminism is angry enough. [00:22:09] Speaker G: Okay, are you ready, everybody? Number one, there aren't very many questions, even if they are long. Okay, so, number one, you're walking home alone from a bar after a lovely night out with your friends in the drizzling rain. And in your drunkenness, you only slowly notice something that should have been obvious for blocks. There's a car quietly following you down the street. The driver wears a hat tipped lower over his face, as if trying to make sure you won't be able to identify him later. You're a woman, so let's be real. This isn't the first time something like this has happened to you. But tonight, instead of panicking and blaming yourself for your carelessness, you're prepared ua. Press the button on the top of your umbrella to release the hidden crowbar. Race toward the car, brandishing the crowbar and screaming at the top of your voice, smash his headlights. Smash his windshield. Smash everything in sight, including his ugly fucking face, if he dares to open his fucking door. If anyone tries to help him, clobber them, too. If you're arrested, burn down the police station. A. Wow. [00:23:16] Speaker D: So what's the angry one? B. [00:23:22] Speaker G: Turn into vapor as your stalker stops the car and gets out, prodding at your suddenly empty clothes. Enter his nervous system through his ears or, if you prefer, his nasal passages. Once you're well situated in his neocortex, twist his neurons until he believes he's being chased by a horde of his precious victims. Run the stalker through the street after street until he splashes down into the nearest body of water. Make sure he's thoroughly drowned before you disentangle yourself from the limp bundle of pasta that used to be his brain. Oh, and before you turn back into your body, don't forget to float back into your clothes. That was a killer outfit. And you looked amazing. [00:24:04] Speaker A: That just under marble every day. [00:24:07] Speaker D: I don't like these at all. [00:24:09] Speaker H: No? [00:24:12] Speaker G: Duck into the nearest subway station or 711. As his car slides past, frustrated in his pursuit, take careful notice of his license plate. Later, using not so legal methods, find out your wouldbe stalker's address. Plot your next steps carefully. You want to make sure you're not interrupted. And use your skinning knife. I mean, you didn't spend half a paycheck on a designer skinning knife not to use it. [00:24:33] Speaker D: Am I right? [00:24:36] Speaker G: The stalkers hide and use it to rebind your favorite novels. Carefully dissolve the rest of the corpse in acid. Excellent work. They'll never know it was you. Let's see where this is from. Current affairs, a magazine of politics and culture. [00:24:55] Speaker H: Great. [00:24:57] Speaker D: Okay, sorry. Continue. [00:25:00] Speaker G: And, D. Yes, you could kill him. Maybe you even should. But that doesn't solve the problem, does it? After all, he's hardly the only predator out there. And you're hardly the only woman who's ever been stalked by a stranger or an acquaintance or a coworker, an ex boyfriend. You've had enough. You decide to build an army of women warbots. These warbots are 10ft tall and weigh three tons apiece. Despite their size, they're murderously fast in blocky, sensible armor. Not even the horniest moron could find them sexy. And if they do, who cares? Because your warbots have just reduced them to bloody sludge. You seize the entire city in which the man stalked you and refuse to surrender it until your demands for society, in which all women are safe and equal, are finally met. That was question one. [00:25:49] Speaker I: You have to pick one of those. [00:25:51] Speaker H: It just goes on so much that. [00:25:53] Speaker A: I start to go away only four questions. [00:25:57] Speaker G: Just so you guys know. [00:25:58] Speaker D: If I had to pick one, it'd mostly likely be c because I would note the license plate. I memorize the license plates of people all over the place. I'm driving super recklessly. I, like, write down the license plate. I once called the police station. Like, this is a description of a car in the license plate, and they passed on the wrong side of the road on a highway, and blah, blah, blah, blah. I would memorize the license plate for sure. [00:26:21] Speaker A: I would make bots. [00:26:23] Speaker F: I'd make bots. [00:26:24] Speaker D: Yeah, for sure. [00:26:25] Speaker I: I wouldn't do any of them. They all involve killing. I don't like that. [00:26:29] Speaker G: Oh, just get in the fun of it, Linds. If you had to kill, how would you kill? [00:26:34] Speaker C: In the imaginary world. [00:26:36] Speaker F: In imaginary world where that's a good choice. [00:26:40] Speaker G: The warbots don't kill, they just hold hostages. [00:26:43] Speaker A: And you have a whole army of people. [00:26:48] Speaker C: That's what I went with, too. [00:26:49] Speaker D: Classic choice. I'm not violent either, but I'm going. [00:26:53] Speaker G: With c because it said that I want to make sure I'm not interrupted and that we use the skin to rebind our favorite novels. [00:27:05] Speaker D: Bind books. [00:27:06] Speaker H: Very book. [00:27:07] Speaker D: Interrupted and appropriate. [00:27:08] Speaker G: Obviously, that's what we should all be picking. [00:27:10] Speaker H: We go. [00:27:10] Speaker F: Very appropriate choice. [00:27:11] Speaker D: Totally on brand. [00:27:13] Speaker E: On a side note, it was just take back the night. Yeah, well, in most major cities, there was a big walk of women getting together at night. [00:27:23] Speaker D: And that's what this is. [00:27:24] Speaker G: That's why so violent, because it's obviously satire on kind of what women deal with in a non satirical way all the time. [00:27:35] Speaker E: I don't know about you guys, it pisses me off that we can't walk at night. I think it's so brutal and ridiculous, and I hate that that's our reality, that we can't walk at night. And we feel like even if we have a dog, like Leah's, a little dog wouldn't be enough for me anyway. [00:27:50] Speaker F: It is ridiculous. I kind of take it for granted. [00:27:52] Speaker D: That's the thing at the beginning of this question. It's like, yes, you've been followed home before. And we're all like, yes, I've been followed home. The first time I remember being followed, I was twelve. And I remember seeing the person following me and finally getting to a spot where I knew I could run and they didn't know it. And so I ran fast as I could, and I got home and I stayed in and looked at the window. It's scary. That was daylight. Horrible. [00:28:19] Speaker E: Yeah, but you have to also don't feel safe. Even if there isn't someone actively following you, the fact that you don't feel safe to walk at night is just. [00:28:27] Speaker I: Well, you definitely go on the opposite side of the road. I mean, that's just normal. [00:28:31] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:28:32] Speaker I: I walk at night all the time in the city, and I take my bike at two in the morning, and I always do. But I am also very always aware. [00:28:39] Speaker D: Of what's around vigilant. [00:28:41] Speaker I: And I cross the street if somebody's coming towards me. I'm always in areas where there's lots of people around, that kind of thing. So it sucks that I have to. [00:28:48] Speaker D: Think of all of that and also thinking, what would I do? What am I going to do if. [00:28:53] Speaker G: Somebody shows a grab when I'm attacked? Not if. [00:28:57] Speaker D: When my mom used to drill us on that. She's like, if somebody grabs you from the back, you stamp on their foot to break the top of their foot. She's like, there's little bones in there. Just slam on as hard as you can and you hit them in the crotch and then poke them in the eyes and run. That was our mom used to drill us from kids. This is what you do if somebody comes after you and it's still my mom. Yeah. [00:29:19] Speaker E: And they also say, don't yell help. [00:29:21] Speaker D: Right? [00:29:21] Speaker E: You're supposed to yell fire. Which, again, ridiculous. [00:29:24] Speaker D: Right? [00:29:25] Speaker E: People won't come out to help somebody yelling help. You have to yell fire. [00:29:28] Speaker H: Flash mob. Flash mob. Look over here. [00:29:32] Speaker I: If you yell fire, they'll run away, won't they? [00:29:36] Speaker A: My kids is even sometimes during the day in public spaces, things can also happen. And that if you don't feel comfortable, like what Lindsay described, you're on the other side. Default to, it's safer if I do. This is just learn the art of making noise and a big kerfuffle. So even if you're like the public swimming pool, if you feel uncomfortable, all you need to do is knock over to something that would get people to look over. [00:30:06] Speaker D: I always tell my kids, you never just scream. And whatever you always say. My mom used to tell us, this is not my mom, this isn't my dad. I mean, like the kid thing, but even saying, like, I don't know this person, there's a stranger attacking me. [00:30:19] Speaker C: I watched some things by an OPP officer, and she was saying, this is for kidnappings, not for adults. But she was saying that what happens oftentimes parents don't want to make a scene when they can't find their kids. And she said the opposite is what. [00:30:36] Speaker D: You need to do. [00:30:36] Speaker C: You need to make a big scene. You need to be loud and scream what they're wearing and have a full fit, because either someone will find your child or the person taking them will immediately release them and go away. I remember Mackie, when she was two, was lost at a fair, and I didn't know that. [00:30:55] Speaker D: I just was freaking out, and I. [00:30:57] Speaker C: Was screaming, and there was, like, a. [00:30:59] Speaker D: Porsche show going on, and I was like. And I was freaking out. [00:31:04] Speaker C: And then eventually women came over and was like, what does she look like? Because I was freaking out. And as soon as this man brought her to me, like, was carrying her and dropped her, I didn't thank him. [00:31:14] Speaker D: Nothing. [00:31:15] Speaker C: I just grabbed her and dropped to the ground. Was, like, bawling my eyes out. But anyway, the OPP officers is exactly what you need to do. You need to have a fit, because most times, people don't want to do something that would be embarrassing. They're like, be embarrassing. Have a fit. Right. Lindsay, you were saying about in Toronto crossing the street. I lived on one street in Toronto, and I would do things like be with other people or make sure I was well lit. But to get my actual apartment, I had to go down this one road, not on the main street. And I remember once I literally had to fight the guy off at my apartment, and it was just a guy following me. I had a male roommate, and I was screaming Daniel's name. And that's when the guy ran off. And it was just nice being like, oh, where are you going? I'm just going home. And he just kept on following me, and I was like, oh, my God. And that's when you realize you have the start planting seeds. Like, I have a male roommate. [00:32:10] Speaker I: Well, they have said that you should look someone in the face. If you see them and they're following, you should turn around and say something to them or look at them, because then either they have to kill you or they're going to go away because you've seen their face, take their picture. [00:32:23] Speaker D: Be like, and send it to somebody, which is sad. [00:32:27] Speaker E: It's a good reminder to trust your spidey sense. Like, if someone's giving, like, street vibes, go get a friend. [00:32:34] Speaker D: It is nice to have a big dog, I have to say. [00:32:37] Speaker E: Yeah, no, for sure. [00:32:39] Speaker C: So, Virginia, what would you pick for the violence? [00:32:42] Speaker E: Oh, see as well. [00:32:45] Speaker D: Okay. [00:32:45] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:32:46] Speaker H: All right, great. [00:32:47] Speaker C: Okay, Kim, you're up. [00:32:49] Speaker D: Okay. [00:32:49] Speaker G: Number two. Your boss calls all the female employees into his office. He says that a former female staffer made an allegation of systemic sexism and lack of opportunities for women at the company, and he's feeling terribly upset about it. He tells you, his female employees, to come to him if you're ever feeling discriminated against, because he really, really wants to believe he's provided a safe and equal working environment for you ladies. And he's just so hurt by these accusations. God, has he hurt a poor guy. Take a deep breath, then let it out in a full throated scream of rage. Don't let up until the windows shatter, and even then, keep howling like a banshee. Your fellow employees may join you, and they may not. Regardless, don't stop shrieking until every pane of glass, including the screen of his computer and his company issued phone, which he barely ever uses because he can't even send a fucking email. Without your help, though you haven't seen a cost of living increase in three goddamn years, has been reduced to uselessness. That was a. [00:33:53] Speaker H: That's a nice. [00:33:53] Speaker D: I like that. [00:33:56] Speaker G: Join hands with the other women in the room until you collectively transform into a hydra. Take turns spitting acid at your boss until he's blind and helpless. He screams out that he finally understands the errors of his ways. He doesn't. He just wants the pain to stop. Keep spitting. See? Hack into the company records. Find each and every pay stub, which clearly proves that a woman was being paid less than a man for doing the same job. Don't forget the contracted custodial staff. Since this work is usually off the books, you may have to conduct interviews, but you'll find that all these women, mostly immigrant women, were being paid less for a day's work than your boss earned in a lazy minute on the phone with his mistress. Go to your boss's house and mummify him in these reports. Don't forget to remove his organs first and store them in a cannoa. Pick jars. You take pride in your professionalism. As well you should. And D. Send your warbots to slaughter all bosses, everywhere, male or female. The problem really is power dynamics and bosses, isn't it? As your warbots slay, they intone the mantra, once the system is destroyed, the bullshit will stop. Is this mantra true? You're not sure, but you're willing to find out. Okay, who's picking what? I pick a. I like screaming. [00:35:20] Speaker D: I love the. [00:35:22] Speaker G: He comes and tells you something, and. [00:35:23] Speaker D: You'Re like. [00:35:28] Speaker I: A too. [00:35:29] Speaker C: I like a. [00:35:29] Speaker D: But realistically, I'd probably do c. Yeah. [00:35:32] Speaker G: Mummify. [00:35:33] Speaker D: Great. Mummify. [00:35:34] Speaker H: Okay. [00:35:35] Speaker D: I'm like, data, statistics and all that. [00:35:38] Speaker G: Then you would feel justified in your murder. [00:35:40] Speaker D: I'm going to get the data. [00:35:42] Speaker E: I like c, too, because it talks about the pay equity as well. Because, again, that's bullshit. That men and women aren't paid equally. I'm going to say that bows it all. [00:35:53] Speaker G: Kara's missing. [00:35:55] Speaker D: Kara's gone. She's like, I got to go build those, boss. Kara's killing her boss. She is the boss. Maybe she's, like, mummifying him right now. What'd you do there, Bear? [00:36:08] Speaker C: Oh, I did a. I'd scream. [00:36:09] Speaker D: Did everyone answer? Yeah. [00:36:12] Speaker G: Okay, I'm moving on, then. [00:36:13] Speaker H: Okay. [00:36:14] Speaker C: All right. [00:36:15] Speaker D: Okay. [00:36:15] Speaker G: Number three. A male friend makes a dumb, sexist joke. How do you respond? A scream? [00:36:22] Speaker H: Ha. [00:36:22] Speaker D: That was so funny. You're the funniest fucking man on the entire fucking planet. How does it feel to be so fucking funny all the fucking time screaming until he runs away? [00:36:34] Speaker G: Chase after him, still screaming. B, unhinge your lower jaw like a python and devour him. As you digest him slowly over several months, you may find that you have to burp more often than usual. Odly enough, each burp comes out as a giggle. See? Write a long email detailing all the ways in which your friend's subtle, misogynistic behavior, then and now, has frustrated the shit out of you over the years afterward. Fill the time his shocked absence will leave in your life with learning a new skill, like crochet or how to carve delicate goblets from the skulls of your former friends. B, having seized a satellite and turned it into an orbital weapons platform, rain fire down on the earth until he apologizes. Then, just to be safe, keep firing. [00:37:24] Speaker D: I think a is pretty hilarious. I know. [00:37:26] Speaker G: I like a, too, but I kind of want to be b. I'd like to unhinge my jaw and devour him. [00:37:32] Speaker D: Yes. [00:37:32] Speaker F: I like a, because it's so funny. [00:37:34] Speaker I: I think I've done a before. Not the full, but, like, you're so funny. [00:37:40] Speaker G: Good. [00:37:40] Speaker D: Yeah, totally. I can see you doing it right now. Like, in my memory. Yeah, I would totally do that. [00:37:46] Speaker I: I mean, maybe not run after him and use all the f bombs, but. [00:37:50] Speaker D: A lot of people were like, why aren't you laughing? I was like, maybe when you start saying something funny, I will. [00:37:55] Speaker E: That's a good one. [00:37:57] Speaker D: Totally done that. Laughing yourself. [00:37:59] Speaker H: Yeah. [00:38:00] Speaker C: I'm going to pick c, because more likely I later would send an email being like, this is why this is so inappropriate. [00:38:09] Speaker D: It's appropriate. [00:38:10] Speaker G: Like, your email response is appropriate, except for the part where you learn how to call goblets. [00:38:15] Speaker H: Out of the skull. [00:38:16] Speaker C: But I might want to learn to crochet. [00:38:17] Speaker H: Yeah, exactly. [00:38:19] Speaker G: I want to apologize to any listener whose ears were blown out by my. Ha ha, that was so funny answer. [00:38:25] Speaker D: No, it was perfectly performed. [00:38:27] Speaker H: Okay. [00:38:28] Speaker C: And, Virginia, I pick a as well. [00:38:31] Speaker E: I was hanging out with Leah's sister in law last night who loves the f bomb, so I feel like I usually take it on when I hang out with her even more so. But I do anyway on my own free will. So I would love to just slur the f bombs at somebody for. [00:38:50] Speaker C: An a. [00:38:51] Speaker G: Now, Kara, did you leave before hearing all of the options for two? Because you could play catch up. [00:38:58] Speaker A: Can I just jump into three? [00:39:00] Speaker C: Sure, yeah, jump into three. [00:39:02] Speaker A: I think I have to go. A. [00:39:05] Speaker D: That's what you do. You love to perform. [00:39:10] Speaker C: Perfect. [00:39:11] Speaker E: You're an actress. [00:39:12] Speaker G: Okay, number four, last question. You've been invited to the state funeral of a wealthy, famous, highly respected man who, like many wealthy, famous, highly respected men, was also a notorious sexual predator. Everyone knew about his crimes, of course. Yet for years, they quietly looked the other way while he abused vulnerable women and girls. What do you wear, Harvey Weinstein? [00:39:38] Speaker C: Shall we? [00:39:38] Speaker D: Oh, my God. [00:39:39] Speaker H: What do you wear? [00:39:42] Speaker D: I love it. [00:39:43] Speaker G: A dress that combusts Allah. Hunger games. Ooh. Hashtag season three. Except that the flames consume everyone within a half mile radius. Ala Carey. [00:39:56] Speaker D: I added the Ala Carey part. [00:39:58] Speaker G: B, address that turns into an earthquake. C, a dress that fires invisible poison darts. The poison leeches slowly into the tear ducts over many years, turning those who dared to weep into the pillars of highly polished stone. The people who dared to weep at his funeral will die from your poisoned tear dart darts. Tear duct darts. [00:40:21] Speaker D: Tear duct darts. [00:40:23] Speaker G: And duct darts. [00:40:24] Speaker D: Alive. [00:40:25] Speaker G: Nuclear warhead. [00:40:27] Speaker D: You wear it somehow. Is it just me? [00:40:29] Speaker A: But it started with exciting, and then it just went lukewarm. [00:40:35] Speaker F: A is always the most dynamic one. [00:40:38] Speaker D: What? [00:40:38] Speaker G: A knife. [00:40:39] Speaker D: Nuclear warhead is not exciting. I like c on this one. It's the slow burn of the poison starts because he's already dead. It would be the people who are. [00:40:50] Speaker C: Crying for anyone that cried at their funeral. [00:40:52] Speaker D: Right. [00:40:52] Speaker E: So that's why I would pick c as well. Because if someone's going to cry about this loser being gone, I don't want. [00:40:59] Speaker F: To make other people die. I just wanted him to die again. [00:41:04] Speaker G: Yeah, no, but the people who are. [00:41:05] Speaker D: Crying for him, it's punishing the people that were supporting him. I think you have to. In all of these options, all the people. People have to die. [00:41:14] Speaker E: What if they were supporting his behavior? What if they were, like, not whistleblowing on this guy. [00:41:20] Speaker F: What if that's your dad? You can't also. [00:41:23] Speaker D: What? [00:41:24] Speaker E: But if he was doing that to women. [00:41:26] Speaker F: Well, I don't know the level. [00:41:28] Speaker H: If he's Harvey. [00:41:29] Speaker D: Like, if you didn't know to do something, you're saying it like, if you didn't know he was like that. [00:41:35] Speaker F: Everybody knows that he's a full predator, even his children. [00:41:40] Speaker G: Let's say that. [00:41:41] Speaker D: I say everybody knows that. [00:41:43] Speaker F: Poison darts. [00:41:44] Speaker D: It is. [00:41:44] Speaker F: It's hard because I'm applying logic to. [00:41:46] Speaker D: These non logical answers. What if they were tears of joy? I just had to see that he was actually dead. [00:41:57] Speaker H: Too bad, sucker. [00:41:58] Speaker F: Really trying to answer these in a way that's, like, real. [00:42:02] Speaker C: The live nuke, though, doesn't say you're, like. [00:42:04] Speaker D: And you're gone too, but you're not. [00:42:06] Speaker C: Like, blowing it up. You're just wearing it. [00:42:09] Speaker G: You're not activating it or whatever. [00:42:11] Speaker C: Yeah, you just happen to be wearing it. [00:42:14] Speaker G: You're just making a statement. [00:42:16] Speaker C: Right? [00:42:17] Speaker A: I want to make a statement with. [00:42:18] Speaker D: A fire one's good. Fire one's good. [00:42:21] Speaker H: Yeah. [00:42:21] Speaker F: There we go. [00:42:22] Speaker I: Because I love the Hunger Games. [00:42:24] Speaker F: Light everyone on fire. [00:42:25] Speaker C: So what are you doing, Kim? Hunger games. [00:42:27] Speaker D: What are you doing? [00:42:27] Speaker C: Burning people tear ducts? [00:42:29] Speaker G: I want a dress that turns into an earthquake, because I think that's hilarious. Like, am I naked after the quake? [00:42:34] Speaker D: Does my dress blow off because of the idea of what is. [00:42:39] Speaker H: Yeah. [00:42:39] Speaker D: Do I start on the dance floor? You're dancing. [00:42:44] Speaker A: You're earthquaking. [00:42:46] Speaker D: Dancing is not appropriate at the funeral. Oh, wait. Oh, wait. Everything's moving. Am I dancing? Why is Kim naked? [00:42:53] Speaker C: I think I'm wearing a nuke suit. [00:42:55] Speaker F: I can't tell, but I'll wear a nuke suit. [00:42:59] Speaker A: But it's just in case. [00:43:01] Speaker D: Rhyming is so fun. All right. [00:43:04] Speaker H: It is, actually. [00:43:05] Speaker D: All right. [00:43:05] Speaker C: Is that the last question, or is there more? [00:43:08] Speaker G: No, that's it. [00:43:10] Speaker C: Okay, so mostly A's is Lindsay, Kara, and Leah, or mostly A's? [00:43:15] Speaker G: Okay, Lindsay, Kara, and Leah, you're a walking inferno of blind, howling rage. That's fantastic. And we salute you. Just make sure you aren't holding back for fear of upsetting people. There is no limit on the acceptability for a woman's anger. A woman's feelings can never be too much. The world needs to start getting scared of upsetting you. [00:43:37] Speaker H: Yeah. [00:43:38] Speaker D: All right. [00:43:39] Speaker C: Okay. And Kim got mostly bees. [00:43:42] Speaker H: Mostly bees. [00:43:43] Speaker G: You've become so furious that the borders of your body literally dissolve. Amazing. Just don't forget to take care of yourself afterward. Once you've dealt with the daily misogynist outrages, reconstitute your shape and treat yourself to a lavender scented bubble bath. [00:43:58] Speaker E: You've earned it. [00:43:59] Speaker D: Reconstitute because lavender is going to solve problems. Of course. Okay. [00:44:06] Speaker C: Meredith and Virginia got mostly C's. [00:44:10] Speaker G: You've become polished, methodical, a true artist of female vengeance. But while it may be tempting to cling to tried and true methods, don't hesitate to devise increasingly diabolical punishments, each more cunning and vicious than the last. People may not understand your method, but they'll certainly learn to respect them. [00:44:31] Speaker H: Love it. [00:44:33] Speaker D: Okay. [00:44:34] Speaker C: And I got mostly ds. [00:44:35] Speaker G: Okay, mostly ds. You take no prisoners. [00:44:40] Speaker D: Literally. [00:44:40] Speaker G: Your warbots have been programmed to never capture misogynists alive. You've shown incredible initiative in the broader battle against the patriarchy, and we cannot praise you enough. Just make sure you destroy the entire system, root and branch. The war is only over when you are certain that your daughters and sons will never have to endure the soul destroying bullshit that is systemic misogyny. [00:45:07] Speaker D: Wow. I think we got our leader right there. [00:45:10] Speaker H: Is going down. Literally. [00:45:12] Speaker D: You're a war boss. [00:45:14] Speaker H: I love it. [00:45:15] Speaker D: That's great. [00:45:16] Speaker H: Awesome. [00:45:18] Speaker D: Oh, my goodness. [00:45:19] Speaker C: Well, there we go. That's the end of our off the shelf episode. And, listeners, if you'd like to do these, there is a link in the show notes. [00:45:28] Speaker D: You have to find out how angry. [00:45:29] Speaker G: Your feminism is or how stressed you are and whether or not you need a psychotherapist. [00:45:34] Speaker D: Whether the answer is you do all the time. [00:45:37] Speaker G: Everybody could benefit from one. [00:45:40] Speaker D: So, like solutions, is your feminism angry enough? Kind of acts as its own therapy. Psychotherapist. Right. [00:45:47] Speaker G: We need to put a message down. We do not constitute any violence. This was a joke. [00:45:52] Speaker D: Do not build war bots, please. [00:45:55] Speaker C: We do not condone war bots. Get a fire dress. [00:45:59] Speaker G: Don't smash faces with crowbars that you hide in umbrella. [00:46:02] Speaker A: We are not encouraging you to stay up and work on your poison darts. [00:46:06] Speaker I: And Virginia, thank you for coming on and seeing us again. [00:46:10] Speaker D: Good to see you again. [00:46:11] Speaker E: It was fun, as always. Thanks for inviting me. It's really fun. [00:46:16] Speaker C: Thanks for coming. [00:46:18] Speaker E: I'm going to go blow up the worlds. [00:46:22] Speaker D: Excellent. [00:46:27] Speaker B: Thank you for joining us on this episode of Book Interrupted. If you'd like to see the video highlights from this episode, please go to our YouTube channel, book interrupted. You can also find our videos on [00:46:42] Speaker G: Are you having a hard time waiting for the next episode because you can't get enough of the book interrupted crew? We've got you covered. At unpublished, you can connect with all sorts of behind the scenes action. It's like an all access backstage pass. Go to our website at ww dot unpublished for your free trial today. [00:47:05] Speaker B: Moments you can look forward to on next week's book interrupted. [00:47:09] Speaker G: I think Kamloops was where the first mass grave was unearthed. [00:47:13] Speaker A: Why anyone would think that it's a goddamn good idea to call a child by a number. [00:47:19] Speaker C: And for her grandmother's generation and her mother's generation, they're basically concentration camps. They're work camps. [00:47:24] Speaker G: And it's just so crazy because that was the laws. Like, could you imagine if the law was so in fringing on your right? [00:47:31] Speaker I: I can't imagine believing in something that much that I would treat children that way. [00:47:37] Speaker D: Reasons residential schools were so bad. I'm like, they're bad enough, but because the effects are felt over several generations. [00:47:44] Speaker G: Book interrupted never forget, every child matters.

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Episode 4

October 03, 2022 00:31:11
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Burnout Episode 4

BMI, judging other women, grocery store conversations, and human libraries. The women continue their chat inspired by “Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress...


Episode 6

May 16, 2022 00:56:04
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What the Robin Knows Episode 6

Concluding their series on “What the Robin Knows: How Birds Reveal the Secrets of the Natural World” by Jon Young, the women discuss follow-ups...


Episode 2

April 18, 2022 00:33:55
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What the Robin Knows Episode 2

The Book Interrupted women continue their conversation on “What the Robin Knows: How Birds Reveal the Secrets of the Natural World” by Jon Young,...