Off The Shelf Episode 16 - Horses and Ducks

Episode 16 April 22, 2024 00:20:02
Off The Shelf Episode 16 - Horses and Ducks
Book Interrupted
Off The Shelf Episode 16 - Horses and Ducks

Apr 22 2024 | 00:20:02


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The following episode of Book Interrupted is Off The Shelf. Hold on to your bookmarks! During this episode we take a glimpse behind the scenes while the Book Interrupted women discuss being a work horse, embodying the character of a slutty horse, kicking horses, dinosaur ducks, duck armies and diarrhoea.

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[00:00:01] Speaker A: You've thought about joining a book club, but there's one problem. You're too busy, or buying books aren't in your budget, or some books aren't in the format that you can access, or you lose interest before you can finish. Or maybe you have no interest in reading the book. Whatever the reason, there is a book club for that here at book interrupted. Reading the book is not a prerequisite for joining the conversation. It's about connecting and and celebrating life's interruptions. Join the community by following us on Facebook or contact us through our website at Fans, we'd love to hear from you. Parental guidance is recommended because this episode has mature topics and strong language. Here are some moments you can look forward to during this episode of book interrupted. [00:00:52] Speaker B: One horse sized duck. This is essentially a dinosaur. Or 200. That one duck sized horses. And I was like, this is backward. Just because I do a good job, I shouldn't be punished by getting every closing shift. They always overwork a good horse. Like, that expression exists. Okay, I'm a slutty horse. It's okay. Yeah. Just imagining, like, a horse, like, sassing its ass around little ducklings. If they fall over and can't get up, they die. But because of the diarrhea. Diarrhea? Not mine. Someone else's back door. No. No. What? Oh, dear. She was into some kinky shit. You ready, guys? Let's do this. Express yourself. Share the wealth. Hold on to your bookmarks. We're off the shelf. Express yourself is good for your health. Book interrupted is off the shelf. [00:01:58] Speaker C: The following episode of book interrupted is off the shelf. We recommend holding onto your bookmarks. [00:02:04] Speaker A: Ever wonder what we talk about before or after the show? Did you want updates on some of our challenges? Maybe insight into some deleted scenes? Here's your chance. Let's look behind the scenes. [00:02:15] Speaker B: I understand why people need to find a 4% fix in this. Yeah. Ridiculous. Who does this? Why does anyone want to do this? Men's work. I don't understand the nine to fiverrs. I'm sorry. I do not understand you. No. Totally, like the grind. The hamster wheel. I don't know if anything sucks more, suck more joy. Yeah. I think that's what's happening. That's why so many people are leaving their jobs. They're just like, no, no. Like, after the pandemic, they're like, I can't do this anymore. Right. Labor shortage everywhere. Because it's not good for anybody. Yeah. No. Yeah. There's no work all day. That's. Yeah, yeah. And then you want time to yourself, too, right? So you stay up. Sacrifice. Yeah. It sounds like you want a little bit of time. We already all talked about this when we were talking before about the 4% fix and what, the circle, right? So, yeah, yeah. Wash, rinse, repeat. Yeah. That's why I used to tell people all the time, I'm getting off this crazy train. I'm getting off. This is ludicrous. It's ludicrous to live like this. Totally. And you can organize and reorganize, but nothing works. There's only so many. Yeah. You're like, maybe if I do this, it can work. And you're like, no, because then they just want you to work more for them. Like, oh, great, you have time. The worst is like, oh, you get things done on time, so I'll just give you everything. Like, they do that on purpose. This person will get it done, and this person will go home at the end of the day instead of staying late. It's the people who stay late. Remember that blonde guy from the Mountie, Sarah? So he sucked at closing, so they, like, never made him close again. And I was like, this is backward. Just because I do a good job, I shouldn't be punished by getting every closing shift. That's what you reminded me of, Mary. When you're like, you know, if you have good time management, they're like, give it all to her. You know, they always overwork a good horse. Like, that expression exists for a reason. They do. A horse. Did you call Lindsay a horse? They always overwork a good whore. Can you blame me or a horse I'm not doing get whipped either way. Or just a slutty horse. Best of both worlds. A slutty horse. Could you imagine? A slutty horse. Could you imagine? This horse can do it all. This horse has got it all. I know. It's like losing its races because it's flirting with other horses. Just trying to drum up business for my other job, trying to draw my business. Just imagining, like, a horse, like, sassing its ass around. Please. Can that be one of your pictures? That could be art in this. I would love it if the art was called inside jokes and it was just a slutty horse. And everyone's like, ah. Imagining, like, Lindsay as a centaur with a big heart shaped baton a little bit, too. Yes. Yeah. With a beautiful backdoor. And then, like, the top half is, oh, my goodness. Maybe she's wearing pretty woman's outfit. Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. With the one circle connecting it to the skirt that I want that outfit so bad. Yeah. Such a cool outfit. Leah, you do owe me another painting drawing. I know I do. Oh, yeah. So this will be perfect. This will be more obviously way more flattering than the last one. Half horse. How could it not be? Yeah, I won't redo the caricature. I'll just go into other directions. Love it. Yeah, she can have it on her phone and she can look at it every time she's like, having a hard time. Oh, okay. I'm a slutty horse. It's okay. Yeah, got it. Every time she's feeling, she's like, it could be worse. That could be like your superman stance. Just remember, you're the sluttiest. You're the sluttiest. You're a slutty horse. I like it. Okay, I'll accept. Excellent. Please. Okay. I'm literally writing myself a note. It'll be funny if you don't remember later. Slutty horse. What the fuck? What does this mean? Or someone else finds your diary. Lindsay. Lindsay. That's a slutty centaur. She was going mad at the end. I'm just a slutty horse. A centaur with a beautiful back. Do you remember how you said that if you pass away and your mom went through your house and found some of your writing, she'd be like, what the hell is this? I just picture her being like, oh, dear, she was into some kinky shit. She needed help. Yeah. She's like, did I even know my own daughter? Yeah, like, I love the idea of it. Okay, I'll put it as my backdrop or my. My wallpaper. If it's. Add something on your phone. Right? Like, I don't know. Yeah, totally. Something. You lose your phone, you're like, oh, I love us so much. Oh, that's silly. You should put it as your business card. Schweitz. Yeah. Yeah, business card. Talk about a workhorse. I went the opposite direction. I went like, she gets a giant mural and it's just hanging there. Yeah, I love it. Yeah, she does. People come into her home and they're like, that's an interesting piece of art. My portrait done. And Joyce is like, all serious. During the encounter of the person coming into the home looking at the mural, you're like, oh, yeah, that. Yeah, that old thing in 2021. Yeah, no biggie. I was a fear of the horse, you know? Yeah. Okay. Sorry, Sarah. We derailed. Hashtag, hashtag back door. No, no. What was the adjective describing the backdoor. That's what the hashtag is. Beautiful. Beautiful. Was it beautiful? I think it was beautiful. Backdoor. I thought you said hashtag mackerel. I was like, what does that mean, hashtag mackerel? I love hashtags. Would you rather fight one horse sized chicken? Oh, no. Duck. One horse sized duck or 200 duck sized horses? Think about that one. Discuss that with your partners decision. One horse sized duck. This is essentially a dinosaur. Or 200. That one duck sized horses. No, they don't have claws. They just have hooves. They can't climb you or anything. Yeah, you have to kill them 200 times. You have to win, and the winning involves the killing. In my. In my fantasy, just kill one giant duck. You just put them in. I'm fighting them. I'm assuming it's to the death. It has to be to the death. But see, this is a very interesting conversation already. If it's not to the death, then I'll fight the little horse. Can you not use nonviolent communication? Quack, quack, quack. I'm such a. Yeah, Sarah couldn't. You're such a conflict avoider that her computer froze. Oh, she went robot. She's like, I don't even want to talk about. The computer is all through the void. You're like this. You're back. You're back. Oh, no, you're gone. Oh, you're back. In the best way. You were back. You're like this. Then you came back with a model face. Great. [00:10:14] Speaker A: This interruption is brought to you by unpublished. Do you want to know more about the members and book interrupted. Go behind the scenes. Visit our website at [00:10:28] Speaker B: Book interrupted. Hello, y'all. So Meredith posed a question the last time we recorded, which was, would I rather fight? Uh oh. I better read it. I feel like it's ducks and horses. No, what is it? Would I rather fight one duck sized horse? No. Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 200 horse ducks? What the f. I wrote this down. So strange. 200 duck sized horses. Duck sized horses. Little horses. Meredith, is this right? Okay, my notes are weird, but my guess is that do I want to fight a big duck, like, the size of a horse or a whole lot of mini horses? Duck size bees laughing in the background. It's just so funny. So I guess we talked about it, and I think that I'd like to go with the 200 mini horses, because I just kick him, and he thinks the same, whereas I think to, like, take down a giant duck, which is like, I don't know if my cardio is there, you know, but I feel like I could kick 200 times and be okay. So that's what he answered. Book interrupted. Okay, I'm just restart my computer. Okay, I'll see you guys later. This is a short one anyway, so I usually I do this before we get here, but because of the diarrhea. Diarrhea. Not mine, else's. Someone else's diarrhea. Even better. Yeah, like someone else's diarrhea to brighten your day. It's a double edged sword. Like, you're grateful you don't have diarrhea. Yeah. You still somehow have diarrhea. It's not even yours. That's a good, that's like a social experiment kind of question. Would you rather have diarrhea or have to take care of someone with diarrhea? Yeah, I love it. Oh, that's a good off the shelf. We should do a round of would you rather. I love, would you rather. There is no good answer. Well, we should know, but that's what's fun, because the whole debate and, like, conversation about it afterwards is where it gets good. We have a bunch that we did. I sent them for journal questions when we were originally doing journal questions. Like, why did we do that? But journal questions. You're right. Yeah, we have a whole bunch of those. Or we can also make up our own, like, that diarrhea one should definitely be in there. I'm definitely nominating that. I am nominating diarrhea. This is all podcast gold, I hope. Well, we are recording this. So some blooper time. Didn't have one that was like, it was like, would you rather fight one giant duck? And I have a whole bunch of interruptions that I'm going to put together next season. Maybe even behind the scenes of Leah talking about being like, okay, me and me have talked about it. Horse sized duck or what did I pick? Because I think the little duck. You pick the duck size horse. No, because you pick them. You're like, I up kick them. Yeah, I could kick them. I could kick them away. That's why I choose them. Duck sized horses. Like, it's just a marching, marching danger with what I bore vicious. Like, they're squawking at you that big. Like, you'd be terrified you would be eaten in one. Like, whack. Yeah. And you're done. Orchestra. Way kinder than ducks. Well, there's something wrong with them if they're attacking you. Like, they're still attacking, aren't they? Yeah, I guess so. Yeah. So there's some aggression. But, I mean, again, on the scale of aggression, how aggressive have you seen? A horse could just be bucking around, not even attacking you, just kind of freaking out by itself. It's kind of like doing its thing. Yeah. On its own. But I don't think horses are, like, malicious. Would a horse, like, come at you? It would just be like, I don't think it would do the horse go away. It would. And it would do. Exactly. Never seen a horse. A duck would come for you. No. I believe I do. They do come for you. They're scary, and they're like. You're like, well, I feel like there's more like ducks are scared of. I feel like it's more like geese. That's geese for sure. Geese are the ones that are evil. Ducks, I think, are actually the horse of the sea. Seahorse. Oh, no, there already is a horse of the sea. They're called seahorse of the pond. Male ducks are more vicious. We had lots of ducks, remember? Did I tell you about my duck story? I should do something. Oh, maybe not. We had a friend who had another farm, and he gave us a boy and girl duck like a gift. Because we have a farm, they're like, oh, for your kids. Here's some ducks. Really wonderful ducks. It sounds like the beginning of a horror story, Sarah. It is. So the first time they had eggs, there was nine eggs. Yeah. Nine ducklings. And one survived because every time they fall over, they die. Fall over eggs or the chicks. Ducks, little ducklings, if they fall over and can't get up, they die. Their heart stops beating. Anytime you see them fall over, you're trying to help them up. And the mom was her first litter or whatever, and she didn't know to pick them up. So we were running after the duck, tried to keep them upright. Mom would. At work, he's like, it's so stressful with these ducklings. And only one survived, I know, to, like, make contraption that they're always up. Right. The next batch of eggs she had, she had 2019 ducklings that time. She was better, and I think ten survived. And then the next time. So we end up having, like, 30 ducks in, like, three months. It was outrageous. Well, that's what I was gonna say, because I was like, maybe it's good survive from the first nine. And learning curve. Steep learning curve on the whole duck light. So many people told me it's so hard to get ducks because they don't live. But then I. Maybe because we realized they had to be upright. And we were helping her so much that the second time, she's like, oh, okay, I'll keep them upright. And then she had, like, millions of ducklings eating my duck army. Eventually, we had to start eating them because there were just too many eating them. But the horror story got flipped on the ducks. Totally. A rat got into the barn where we keep the. The ducks at night, and Brat got in there, and they attacked it. No. And then whatever the rat diseases the rat must have had, they all started dying. And within a week, only two survived our army of ducks. It was like, by the end, you're just like, ducks are gonna do duck stuff, and we're just gonna be observed. We have two boy ducks left. That's it. And everyone keeps on suggesting they're going to give us a girl duck. And I was like, mama, did you want to do that again? Like, that was, I don't want to go through six months of hell with the ducks. I want to go through this again. And ducks don't have that much meat, so. Yeah, like, it's. Yeah. And the kids are naming them, and we're trying to eat them because. 30. It was just, yeah, that's too much duck drama. It was intense. And the eggs are not as good anyway. I don't like the eggs as much. Yeah, you can tell the difference. I don't know. I've never done, like, a Pepsi taste challenge. That's what I want. Yeah. You had, like, two eggs in front of you. Could you say this was another ducker? Yeah. Apparently they're better for baking. I've heard that. Interesting. I think they have more fat in them, potentially. Like, they're very rich, like, you eat duck. Yeah, they're very. How did it work? Yeah, now. But now the destiny looks different, and I hate that. What looks different? Audacity. Oh, I hate that, too. Well, actually, what I did was I deleted the last one and redownloaded it. [00:18:51] Speaker A: Thank you for joining us on this episode of book Interrupted. If you'd like to see the video highlights from this episode, please go to our YouTube channel, book interrupted. You can also find our videos on bookies. [00:19:08] Speaker C: We really want to hear from you. Go to to find out the variety of ways you can get in touch. Give us a call and leave a voicemail, and we will play it on the podcast or write us an email, and we can read it on the podcast. Or better yet, leave us a review on iTunes. [00:19:28] Speaker B: Anything. Bookies. [00:19:30] Speaker C: We want to hear from you, pretty please. Tell us what you like. Tell us what you don't like. Tell us books you think we should read. Tell us about your favorite moments. Tell us anything, please. We want to know what you think. So don't forget, that's or iTunes. And leave us a review. We will love to hear from you. Talk to you soon. Bookies book interrupted never forget, every child matters.

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