Off The Shelf Episode 12 -The Hunger Games Quiz

Episode 12 July 01, 2023 00:19:11
Off The Shelf Episode 12 -The Hunger Games Quiz
Book Interrupted
Off The Shelf Episode 12 -The Hunger Games Quiz

Jul 01 2023 | 00:19:11


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The following episode of Book Interrupted is Off The Shelf. Hold on to your bookmarks! During this episode the Book Interrupted members take the Buzzfeed “The Hunger Games Character Quiz: Which character are you?”. Find out what Lia’s disappointing results were, which member got Katniss Everdeen and which question had the members wondering if the creator of the quiz read the books?


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[00:00:00] Speaker A: Sometimes reading the book isn't enough. We want to be immersed in an idea or feeling. That's why at Book Interrupted, we've made a playlist for each book cycle. Visit to find playlists for each book cycle and member. Or check out our YouTube channel. What's on your playlist? [00:00:25] Speaker B: Parental guidance is recommended because this episode has mature topics and strong language. Here are some moments you can look forward to during this episode of Book Interrupted. [00:00:36] Speaker C: Are going to take the Hunger Games quiz. [00:00:40] Speaker D: I'm probably going to hide, maybe form an alliance. [00:00:42] Speaker C: First, I am very trusting. [00:00:44] Speaker E: I'm going to go with the super specific. Second one dead. [00:00:48] Speaker D: You're not going to go sarcastic for Sarah? [00:00:51] Speaker E: Well, I assume I'll be dehydrated from crying. [00:00:55] Speaker F: I'm a tie between rejection and death, I think. [00:00:59] Speaker D: I feel like mine is, like, super vain, but I'm gonna go with I fear nothing. [00:01:03] Speaker E: Mine's bad. [00:01:03] Speaker D: Mine's real bad. [00:01:04] Speaker G: Mine's real bad. You lucky bitch. [00:01:08] Speaker F: You're so hot right now. [00:01:10] Speaker H: You ready, guys? Let's do this. [00:01:16] Speaker G: Express yourself. Share the wealth. Hold on to your bookmark. We're off the shelf. Express yourself. It's good for your health. Book Interrupted is off the shelf. [00:01:33] Speaker B: Welcome to Book Interrupted, a book club for busy people to connect and one that celebrates life's interruptions. [00:01:40] Speaker H: Hold on to your BOOKMARKS. [00:01:42] Speaker D: This episode, Book Interrupted, is off the shelf. [00:01:46] Speaker C: Welcome to this off the shelf episode where we are going to take The Hunger Games quiz. Which character are we? Really? [00:01:55] Speaker D: This is from BuzzFeed Buzfeed. [00:01:58] Speaker G: Yes. [00:01:58] Speaker C: And you can find the link for this quiz in our show notes if you want to take it as well. All right, first question. Ladies, choose a weapon. Bow and arrow. Knife. Spear. Poison. Slingshot. Axe. Your bare hands. No weapon for me. I'm hiding until it's over. And trident. What's a trident? [00:02:20] Speaker F: Like a three pronged fork that the god of the sea would carry. [00:02:24] Speaker C: Okay. [00:02:25] Speaker D: Wait. Are we telling each other what our thing is? [00:02:28] Speaker C: Yeah. We should say I picked poison. [00:02:30] Speaker F: Me, too. I'm also picking poison. [00:02:33] Speaker D: Really? [00:02:33] Speaker G: Whoa. [00:02:34] Speaker C: What did you pick, Mayor? [00:02:35] Speaker D: I'm torn between slingshot and no weapons. I'm probably going to hide. [00:02:40] Speaker G: Do it then. [00:02:40] Speaker C: All right, do it. [00:02:41] Speaker G: Hiding. [00:02:43] Speaker D: I'm really good at hiding. [00:02:44] Speaker C: What is your strategy when the game starts? Run and hide. [00:02:49] Speaker G: Meredith. [00:02:50] Speaker C: Meredith yeah. Go to the cornucopia. Form an alliance with someone else. Try to take out the strongest people right away. Camp out on the high ground. Find a water source, set a trap. I don't have a strategy. Okay, so what are you guys doing? Mayor, you're running and hiding. [00:03:10] Speaker D: Maybe, but I kind of want to find a water source, too. I know. [00:03:13] Speaker F: I'm camp out on high ground or find a water source. I was torn. But you're only camping on high ground for three days if you don't have water. [00:03:19] Speaker G: I know. [00:03:20] Speaker C: I was thinking water, too. [00:03:21] Speaker D: I know. I'm going to run and hide, and then I'll decide when to find water. I'll find water. 2nd. [00:03:26] Speaker C: 1St. [00:03:26] Speaker D: I'm hiding. [00:03:27] Speaker F: It's true. It does support your first answer. [00:03:29] Speaker D: Yeah, I'm really good at hiding. [00:03:31] Speaker C: Maybe form an alliance first. I am very trusting. Yeah, I'm forming an alliance. [00:03:37] Speaker F: I would never I know. I'd be like, someone is trying to kill me. [00:03:41] Speaker H: I'm not going near anybody. [00:03:43] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:03:44] Speaker C: What are you doing, Lisa? [00:03:45] Speaker E: I run and hide. [00:03:46] Speaker C: You're running high and you're getting a water source, right? [00:03:48] Speaker F: Kim water? [00:03:49] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:03:49] Speaker C: Okay. Which word best describes you? Resourceful, direct, smart, generous, emotional, ambitious, caring, sarcastic, strong, resourceful, emotional. [00:04:03] Speaker F: I find it really hard. [00:04:05] Speaker C: You don't think any of these are. [00:04:06] Speaker D: Yours to pick one? [00:04:07] Speaker F: Well, no, I think all of them do in some way. [00:04:10] Speaker D: Yeah, but what's the most they can all describe you? [00:04:16] Speaker H: I don't know, but it's funny because. [00:04:18] Speaker F: I want to say direct, and I feel like I'm being the exact opposite. [00:04:21] Speaker E: If I was picking for you, I would have picked direct. [00:04:23] Speaker D: I was going to say direct. [00:04:25] Speaker C: Really? Just say direct. Great. [00:04:27] Speaker D: Okay. [00:04:27] Speaker F: Directed isn thank you for the yeah. [00:04:29] Speaker D: You'Re very direct, the confirmation. [00:04:31] Speaker E: And I mean it in a very positive way. I was going to pick direct for myself as well. [00:04:35] Speaker F: I think direct is a positive thing. [00:04:37] Speaker E: I do, too. [00:04:38] Speaker C: I'm going to say caring. [00:04:40] Speaker D: You're not going to go with sarcastic for Sarah. [00:04:44] Speaker G: That's a joke. [00:04:45] Speaker D: That's a joke about sarcasm. [00:04:47] Speaker E: I think that that's true. That's a good choice for you. [00:04:50] Speaker C: What word would you never use to describe yourself? Calm. Vulnerable, selfish, indifferent, logical, reserved, assertive, ordinary, rude, indifferent. [00:05:06] Speaker G: I know. [00:05:06] Speaker F: I want to go with indifferent. I guess I'm rude sometimes. I guess everybody's rude sometimes. [00:05:12] Speaker D: Not everybody. [00:05:13] Speaker C: I was going to say I don't think I'm rude. [00:05:14] Speaker E: This is you'd never use this one. You wouldn't be I would never be ordinary. [00:05:20] Speaker G: Okay. [00:05:20] Speaker F: I'll go indifferent. I'm indifferent to this answer, but I'll choose what I would never describe aside. [00:05:25] Speaker E: From this one time. [00:05:27] Speaker C: I think I'm going to put rude. I don't think I'm rude very often. No, I'm not rude. [00:05:31] Speaker E: I don't think you're either. [00:05:33] Speaker G: Ever. [00:05:33] Speaker C: I'm never often rude. [00:05:36] Speaker F: Never often. [00:05:39] Speaker C: Okay. To be honest, how long do you think you'd last in the hunger games? I'd win the whole thing. I'd make it to the final two. I'd make it to the final four somewhere near the middle. I'd be the second one dead. I would be dead 10 seconds into it. I genuinely have no idea. I make sure I wouldn't be there in the first place. [00:06:00] Speaker D: I know how you can answer that one. [00:06:02] Speaker F: Yeah, I choose the I make sure I wouldn't be there in the first place. [00:06:06] Speaker C: That's what you choose. [00:06:07] Speaker F: That's what I feel like I would choose. [00:06:09] Speaker C: Okay, then choose that. [00:06:10] Speaker D: Then choose it. [00:06:11] Speaker E: I'm going to go with the super specific. I'll be the second one dead. Specific. Not first because that would be embarrassing. [00:06:21] Speaker G: Yeah. [00:06:22] Speaker E: I'll be second one dead. [00:06:24] Speaker C: And Mara, where did you think I'd. [00:06:26] Speaker D: Make it to the final two. [00:06:28] Speaker C: Oh, I'm going to put I have no idea. I have absolutely no idea. [00:06:32] Speaker D: I can be competitive, but I don't think I could win against the strongest person. But I could hide for a really long time. [00:06:38] Speaker C: What decision would be your downfall? I'm too trusting. I'd be too loud. I'd form the wrong alliance. I'd accidentally eat poison. I wouldn't have a solid plan. I'd pick up the wrong weapon. I'd be too aggressive. I wouldn't be aggressive enough. [00:06:56] Speaker G: Too loud. [00:06:57] Speaker D: I feel like for this one's, either I'd be too aggressive because I'd be like, let's get this over with, or I wouldn't be aggressive enough and then they would kill me with a mutt. A mutation. [00:07:05] Speaker E: Well, you were going to hide the whole time. [00:07:07] Speaker C: Yeah. So not aggressive enough. [00:07:09] Speaker D: Probably. [00:07:09] Speaker G: No. [00:07:09] Speaker D: But then I'd get impatient, like, let's have this over already. [00:07:12] Speaker G: Now. [00:07:12] Speaker D: I love hiding. [00:07:13] Speaker E: I think you need to go back and reanswer. [00:07:16] Speaker C: I think I would be too trusting. So I'm going to put that I'm guessing my alliance will probably kill me in the end. [00:07:22] Speaker F: I think it tracks you with your willingness to form an alliance right away. That's what killed you. I'm going to say I wouldn't be aggressive enough because I feel like my strategies would be subtle and then I'd get killed by whatever mutation they bring in to be like, you're not doing it right. [00:07:39] Speaker G: Kim what did you pick? [00:07:40] Speaker E: Leah oh, too loud. I said it'd be too loud. [00:07:43] Speaker B: Oh, too loud. [00:07:44] Speaker E: I'd be emotionally crying. [00:07:45] Speaker D: Too loud. [00:07:49] Speaker F: Kind of aligns with what's happening while you're second dead? [00:07:52] Speaker G: Yeah. [00:07:53] Speaker E: Second dead. [00:07:54] Speaker F: What was the first thing you did? Did you run and hide? [00:07:56] Speaker E: I ran and hide to find a good place to cry loudly. I heard the first cannon also counts. [00:08:04] Speaker D: As finding a water source. [00:08:06] Speaker G: Yeah. [00:08:08] Speaker B: This interruption is brought to you by unpublished do you want to know more about the members in Book Interrupted? Go behind the scenes. Visit our website at [00:08:21] Speaker H: Book interrupted. This interruption is really more of a call for feedback. So bookies don't let me down. Somebody please write in or call in or whatever you have to do. [00:08:38] Speaker G: Tweet. [00:08:39] Speaker H: I don't know if we'll get that because I don't think any of us really understand Twitter. But anyways, help me out. Has this ever happened to you? I have a situation where I have a work phone and a personal phone. They're both cell phones. So sometimes what I do is I forward the calls from my work phone to my personal phone. For example, if I'm driving, that way I don't have to mess around with trying to get my work phone attached to my car so that if I'm driving I can talk to someone hands free. I just forward the calls that phone's already attached to the car and we're good to go. So I used to have an old work phone. I just recently got a brand new one. It's awesome. It makes me want to upgrade my phone because I really like this new phone and I thought that this problem would be over with the last phone. I thought the last phone was kind of like possessed or going out of style. I always think that Apple tries to make your phone not work so that you'll be motivated to get the newest version. So this is what happens. I forward my calls and then I turn off call forwarding. And sometimes I don't know the ratio or percentage of the amount of time that this actually still happens. It still forwards calls to my personal phone. How is that even possible? Call forwarding isn't even on on my phone that I used to forward. Yet calls that are being made to that number are coming to my personal phone. Like, explain that to me. I don't understand. It makes me I don't want to say mad, but I'm like, what's with this feature? Why is it up to the phone and not up to me? Why is there this option of choosing to turn call forwarding on or off if the phone is just going to decide when it does that? So anyway, like I said, I thought that would be over with the old phone. And just yesterday I missed a bunch of calls because my stupid work phone was forwarding to my personal phone even though it wasn't set to call forward. And my personal phone is always on silent when I'm at work. So what's up with that? Please let me know if that's ever happened to you. Also, I really hate the solution of you need to turn your phone on and off. Like, why can't my phone just work when it's on and not require being turned off and turned on again to continue to work? Riddle me that book interrupted. [00:10:54] Speaker C: Which of the districts below would you be representing? District one luxury. District four fishing. District five electricity. District Seven, lumber. District eight textiles. District nine grain. District ten livestock. District twelve, medicine. [00:11:13] Speaker G: Right. [00:11:14] Speaker C: Is this something cool? [00:11:16] Speaker D: Are the other ones actually cool? Yeah, the other ones I think are fine. [00:11:20] Speaker G: Right. [00:11:21] Speaker F: Wasn't Rue from eleven and it was grain. [00:11:24] Speaker D: It was egg or coal. [00:11:28] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:11:29] Speaker E: Anyway from twelve and it was coal. [00:11:31] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:11:31] Speaker F: These are obviously not reflective of the actual book. [00:11:35] Speaker C: Actual book, but okay. [00:11:37] Speaker D: Which one would you be? [00:11:38] Speaker F: How do you even answer this question? I'm going to say textiles. [00:11:41] Speaker D: I'm going to say lumber because of my career in pulp and paper. [00:11:45] Speaker G: There you go. [00:11:46] Speaker C: I was going to say fishing because of where I live now. [00:11:48] Speaker D: Do it. [00:11:49] Speaker C: I'm going to say fishing. There we go. [00:11:50] Speaker E: I was going to say luxury because of where I live now. [00:11:54] Speaker C: Okay, great. What is your first grab from the cornucopia? Weapons, backpack, food, water, medicine, matches, tools, blanket, rain jacket, backpack. [00:12:08] Speaker F: I'm assuming all of those items are in the backpack. [00:12:11] Speaker D: Yeah, right. The backpack is the mystery. It has more than one thing in it. [00:12:16] Speaker F: And also, like in the movie, she got some pretty valuable stuff in her backpack. [00:12:21] Speaker C: Well, because then you could also put. [00:12:22] Speaker D: Food in the backpack to carry it around or whatever you make. But also tools would be very handy. [00:12:28] Speaker E: I just hope that the backpack is. [00:12:29] Speaker F: Not empty, and then I wouldn't take it. But if the backpack has anything in it, then I'm taking the backpack. [00:12:35] Speaker D: I feel like even just a backpack could be handy because if you need stuff, you could stick it in there. [00:12:40] Speaker F: Yeah, for sure. If the backpack's empty despite its utility, I would pick something else on that list. I'm picking the backpack, assuming it has things in it. I just want to mayor. [00:12:50] Speaker D: Yeah, I'm still going with the backpack, too. [00:12:53] Speaker C: I'm going with water because at least have a water bottle. [00:12:56] Speaker E: I always like to have water nearby. [00:12:58] Speaker C: And hopefully my partner in crime does something like the backpack. Hopefully my alliance helps me out. [00:13:03] Speaker F: She's already relying on her alliance. [00:13:05] Speaker H: They're going to kill you. They have poison. It's me. [00:13:09] Speaker D: What are you doing? [00:13:09] Speaker C: Leah? What are you doing? [00:13:11] Speaker E: Well, I assume I'll be dehydrated from water. [00:13:15] Speaker D: Okay. [00:13:18] Speaker C: What is your greatest fear? Failure. Being alone. Death. Spiders. Heights. Rejection. Change. Losing control. I fear nothing. [00:13:29] Speaker F: I'm a tie between rejection and death, I think. And I think death is going to be my number one, because that haunts me. [00:13:40] Speaker C: I'm going to say failure. [00:13:41] Speaker G: Fair. That's very fair. [00:13:44] Speaker E: That makes sense. [00:13:45] Speaker C: I work on that. [00:13:47] Speaker E: Mine is losing control. [00:13:48] Speaker D: I feel like mine is, like, super vain, but I'm going to go with I fear nothing. [00:13:53] Speaker G: Okay. [00:13:54] Speaker D: I kind of feel like the other things I've experienced a lot of already, so been there. [00:13:59] Speaker C: And finally, who do you trust the most? A parent, a sibling, a mentor, a friend, a spouse. Myself. I trust everyone. I don't trust anyone. [00:14:10] Speaker F: Myself as well. [00:14:12] Speaker E: Mine, sadly, is I don't trust anyone. [00:14:15] Speaker D: Even yourself? [00:14:16] Speaker E: Not even myself. [00:14:17] Speaker F: Her worst fear is losing control. And she's planning this whole trip around crying. [00:14:22] Speaker D: It's just another excuse to cry. [00:14:24] Speaker F: This whole trip. Like, this is a vacation. [00:14:29] Speaker E: Like a quick vacation. Quick stop in the capital. [00:14:32] Speaker G: Live it up. [00:14:34] Speaker F: Peace. [00:14:34] Speaker E: I'm ready to go. [00:14:36] Speaker C: I'm going to put a parent I trust my mom. That's who I trust. [00:14:39] Speaker F: To text me at the moment. I do my podcast. [00:14:45] Speaker C: All right. Okay. So everyone revealed what they got. [00:14:49] Speaker E: Oh, mine's bad. Mine's real bad. [00:14:51] Speaker D: I'm Gail Hawthorne. [00:14:52] Speaker G: Mine's real bad. [00:14:54] Speaker D: Sorry, Mary. Mine's real bad. [00:14:56] Speaker F: Guys. [00:14:56] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:14:57] Speaker C: You're Gail. [00:14:58] Speaker H: You're handsome. [00:14:59] Speaker E: So dreamy. Okay, mayor. [00:15:01] Speaker C: Read. Yeah, yeah, read it. [00:15:03] Speaker D: Like, Gail, you can be a true visionary and selfless. You fight for what's right and fair, regardless of how it'll end up for you. At your best, you're devoted and passionate. At your worst, you can be jealous and blunt. [00:15:15] Speaker C: All right, Leah, what's your disappointment. [00:15:19] Speaker E: I'm President snow. [00:15:20] Speaker G: Oh, wow. Are you I thought you were going. [00:15:23] Speaker C: To say PETA, because I can't believe you're President Snow. [00:15:26] Speaker D: That makes so sense. [00:15:27] Speaker E: President Snow will be crying like snow. You are authoritative and intelligent. You like when things go according to plan. And you are a firm believer in rules. At your best, you can motivate those around you to take actions. At your worst, you could be controlling. I feel like this is spot fucking on. Sad but true. [00:15:52] Speaker D: Watch out for Leah. [00:15:56] Speaker C: And I picked poison, which is his thing. Baby. [00:16:02] Speaker G: Yeah. [00:16:03] Speaker F: I'm sinna, you lucky bitch. Well, listen, I'll tell you this. You're so hot right now. [00:16:09] Speaker C: Look at your picture. If people are watching the YouTube channel yeah, you're so sinna. [00:16:16] Speaker F: I'm trying to evade my rainbow. [00:16:17] Speaker D: She's wearing rainbow glasses on a filter. [00:16:20] Speaker F: So, I did this quiz when I first found this quiz, and that time I was pru, like, no, I'm not. Or is her name, yes, primrose. [00:16:28] Speaker B: Oh, yeah, Primrose. [00:16:29] Speaker F: That's who I was. And I don't think that's true. [00:16:31] Speaker D: So, did you change your answer? [00:16:33] Speaker F: I just got to think about it. Maybe only one. Like, literally all of the rest were the same. [00:16:39] Speaker C: Okay. [00:16:39] Speaker F: So, like Sina, you are creative and insightful. You care deeply and provide thoughtful advice at the drop of a hat. At your best, you are compassionate and understanding. At your worst, you can be stubborn and materialistic. [00:16:52] Speaker D: Oh, okay. [00:16:53] Speaker C: I got Katniss Everdes. [00:16:57] Speaker F: Well, you won the Hunger Games quiz. [00:17:02] Speaker C: Like Katniss, you are tough and independent. You show fierce loyalty to those you love and are surprisingly compassionate when you need to be at your best. [00:17:12] Speaker D: At your best, at your breath, you are. [00:17:16] Speaker C: At your best, you're practical, logical and strong. At your worst, you can be distant and judgmental. All right. That was so fun. [00:17:26] Speaker E: That was fun. God, I love a quiz. [00:17:28] Speaker D: Only because you won the Hunger Games. [00:17:31] Speaker H: Yeah, only because you won. [00:17:33] Speaker C: Come on. Because I'm a winner, I don't have to worry about the fear of failing. And I won with PETA, with my alliance. [00:17:43] Speaker D: That's funny. I did it earlier with the kids and I got Katniss. But they forced me to change some of my answers. I read the things that you never are. One of them was selfish. You're like, mom, you're never selfish. [00:17:57] Speaker F: That's nice of you. [00:17:58] Speaker D: But when I did this time, I didn't choose that one. [00:18:01] Speaker F: Was that the only difference? [00:18:04] Speaker D: Maybe. [00:18:05] Speaker F: That's interesting to see, how only one changes it. [00:18:09] Speaker D: Yeah, it might have been the only difference. Oh, no. They also made me choose that I would win the whole thing. And I was like, I don't know, I think it'd be the final two. No, you totally win. I was like, I'm very competitive, I guess. [00:18:21] Speaker C: All right, so let's go because we need to go to the giver. [00:18:25] Speaker B: Thank you for joining us on this episode of Book Interrupted. If you'd like to see the video highlights from this episode, please go to our YouTube channel, Book Interrupted. You can also find our videos on [00:18:41] Speaker E: Thank you so much for listening and supporting us. [00:18:44] Speaker C: Do you know you can also support us by wearing some of our kick ass swag? Check it out at WW slash Shop. [00:18:54] Speaker B: The Book Interrupted crew will be taking a break this summer. But don't worry, we'll be back for another band book September 1 The Giver by Louise Lowry. Have a great summer. I know we will. [00:19:04] Speaker H: Book interrupted. Never forget every Child matters.

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