Off The Shelf - Episode 10 -Valentines Day Behind the Scenes

Episode 10 February 20, 2023 00:16:29
Off The Shelf - Episode 10 -Valentines Day Behind the Scenes
Book Interrupted
Off The Shelf - Episode 10 -Valentines Day Behind the Scenes

Feb 20 2023 | 00:16:29


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The following episode of Book Interrupted is Off The Shelf. Hold on to your bookmarks! During this episode we take a glimpse behind the scenes while the Book Interrupted women discuss Valentines Day, hickeys, merkins, and the British naked dating show: Naked Attraction. Do individual body parts matter in choosing a partner? Do you like hickeys?

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: You've thought about joining a book club, but there's one problem. You're too busy, or buying books aren't in your budget, or some books aren't in the format that you can access, or you lose interest before you can finish. Or maybe you have no interest in reading the book. Whatever the reason, there is a book club for that here at Book Interrupted. Reading the book is not a prerequisite for joining the conversation. It's about connecting and celebrating life's interruptions. Join the community by following us on Facebook or contact us through our website at WW. Slash fans, we'd love to hear from you. Parental guidance is recommended because this episode has mature topics and strong language. Here are some moments you can look forward to during this episode of Book Interrupted. [00:00:51] Speaker B: And they all sit on this bench with naked under them. And I'm always like, put a towel down. I really like the thickness of the nipples. And blah, blah. Imagine if we looked into, like, Merkin's sponsorship. I would love that. And we'd know we made it. It doesn't matter at all. It would be like judging people by their armpit. My raspy voice does not turn my yeah, your raspy voice is sending him into a fucking hickey town. Or just a dicky. It's cheaper. A dicky for my hickey. You ready, guys? Let's do this. Express yourself. Share the wealth. Hold on to your bookmark. We're off the shelf. Express yourself. It's good for your health. Book Interrupted is off the shelf. [00:01:46] Speaker A: Welcome to Book Interrupted, a book club for busy people to connect and one that celebrates life's interruptions. [00:01:54] Speaker B: The following episode is off the shelf. Brace yourself. [00:01:58] Speaker A: Ever wonder what we talk about before or after the show? Did you want updates on some of our challenges? Maybe insight into some deleted scenes? Here's your chance. Let's look behind the scenes. [00:02:09] Speaker B: I'm not sure this is really for the podcast, but I got to tell you guys, my mom taped this British show called Naked Attraction. Did I tell you? I love naked attraction. Oh, you know what it is? Oh, my God. It's the best. So it's like a dating show? Kind of. So they start and they have so say it's. A straight woman. Let's just say. Then they'd have four men. The very first is just their genitals. No, it's their feet and their feet. Their feet and genitals. They just show that. Which is so funny that you edit on feet. I know. And, like, close up, she like, oh, yeah, I really like that. His balls are really low, but I'm not really sure on his piercing there. And I don't like pubic hair and whatever. They judge and then they get rid of one, and then it goes up, and so you see the chest. So if it's women, then they say the boobs. Or if they're bi, they would have both. It's a great show. And then they'd be like, oh, well, the boobs. Oh, yeah, they're a bit saggy here. I really like the thickness of the nipples and blah, blah. And then it goes up, and they delete one, and then it goes up and they see their face, and so then another one goes, and then two of them come out, and then the person who's choosing has to come on naked. So they're all naked, and then they judge each other or they talk and whatever, and then that person picks somebody, and then they go on a date. Okay, but the reason I'm saying this, because one of the girls had on vajazzled. Vagina? Like at the top vajazzled? No way. I love it. A beaded vagina? Yeah, that came off. It's a thing that sticks to her, and then you can pull it off. But the guy was like, yeah, I'm not really into that. So she comes on and then she rips it off. But the women and men are not skinny. They're all like they're larger people in different kinds, like tall, short, larger, big boobs, small boobs, normal size, average people. It's every kind of thing. There was a transgendered woman on there. I love it. My mom was like, this is so shocking. So she made me watch it. It's not really that shocking. I don't know. The funnest part about that show, I thought after watching almost a whole season in one sitting, was they do an after interview, and it looks like it's in, like, a locker room setting, and there's a wooden bench. That the classic locker room. And they all sit on this bench with nothing under them. No. And I'm always like, Put a towel down. Why? Who cleans that bench? Put a towel down and it's somebody's job on the set. No doubt. Come by and wipe down the bench. It better be right. Like, clean this bench. Can't they just put that towel down? No. Please. That's a trust exercise. It's the same bench every time, and I'm just like the bench. Oh, no. Well, and they go on a date after. And the ones that I saw, I think one out of all of them actually got along on the date because obviously they just judged each other on their body. Look, like, I think it's a failed experiment that you should date someone only because you like them naked. Also, the host, she's fabulous. Well, also, you eliminate their genitals first. What if the rest of them was totally what you wanted? Come on. Yeah. What does it matter? I don't even know what genital I would choose over another genital. Me, too. Me neither. I don't know. Unless it was, like, obviously diseased. When you see this show, you start to define yours real fast, I'll tell you that. My just, like, no. Out by warts. No, thanks. Yeah. Don't you guys find genitals in isolation? Like, genitals need context. That's right. Otherwise, they're just, like you could call balls context, I guess. I don't know. I think they're all ugly. Yeah, no, they are. In isolation, you're just like, what is that? I really like a look of a dick. I'm just going to say you like the look of a dick. Dick looks like a nice dick. Like a flask dick is more fascinating. It's so funny. It's vulnerable. It's vulnerable. Yeah, it was vulnerable looking. So Kara loves it. Then she's like, oh, yeah, I want to take care of you. You're so funny. Take care of you. I would wager that Kara prefers flaccid over hard because of the vulnerability. Yeah, totally. Look at you, you poor thing. That's garage. Yeah, I like it. It's not gross to me. I don't think it's gross, but I don't think it's particularly interesting either. Going on a date, it hardly matters, right? It doesn't matter at all. It would be like judging people by their armpit. Like, it's totally irrelevant. It's ever present in my mind, what's his dick going to look like? I've got pretty nice armpits, I got to say. Right? And yet you're an asshole. No, I'm just kidding. And I'm a terrible date in spite of my beautiful armpits. You know, it's funny, I really like my shoulders. Some people have body parts of themselves that they like. I don't know why, but I love my shoulders. If my shoulders don't have clothes on them, I can't help but go, so funny. I do that too. They're so soft. I love kissing my shoulders. I love kissing my own shoulder. Go like this more. It's like funner. It's like kissing you back. That was weird. Is it weird? I got to open up my shirt. There you go. Oh, my goodness gracious. The shoulder is going to come off. I can't even get to my shoulder. I can't kiss my own shoulders. They're like elbows. Maybe you need to do shoulder exercises and loosen them up. Or like, lose some neck girth. I feel like it's my neck that feel like I've got a skin merkin. You should o'leah's, hanging neck thing. Yeah, my neck thing. I'm so sorry, Sarah. I just hijacked the fan episode to talk about. You just added the exclamation point that we were waiting for. Exactly. Package that up and send it away and maybe consider getting your loved one a merkin for Valentine's Day. There you go. A package for their package. Imagine if we looked into, like, merkin sponsorship. I would love that. We'd know we made it. Do you get the Book Interrupted logo on the merkin with Book Interrupted? Yeah. I don't need a merkin. I can grow my own merkin with no problem. Now I want to know, is there any real hair merkins? No doubt. Yes. Or are they all fake hair? Like, that's a good that could be a side hustle. Yeah, like fancier. I think I want to go synthetic. I'd want to go synthetic. Oh, yeah. But I'm saying I'm sure you could buy real I want to donate my own hair to the Merkin hair or head hair pubes, obviously. Could you imagine this on somebody's genitals? How long does it have to be, though? Because when you donate it's true, because there's all the weaving in and the threading. It has to be a certain length if you donate, like your if you cut your hair off to donate for no problem. It's got to be what, six or twelve inches if you donate your hair. So, like, how long does your pubes have to be? There's no length I can't grow my pubes to. And does it have to be natural or is dyed? Okay, dyed pubic hair. People do it. Really? I bet you that people use that just for men if they get the when they get grays in their pubes. Or some people just like to do fancy, fun colors. I don't think she put chemicals close to the sensitive areas. I agree. Maybe it's just merkins that they're putting on, though. Maybe now that I know, now that I've been enlightened, could just be a merkin new favorite word. [00:10:23] Speaker A: This interruption is brought to you by unpublished do you want to know more about the members in Book Interrupted? Go behind the scenes. Visit our website at Book Interrupted. [00:10:43] Speaker B: This interruption is brought to you by carrot sticks. It goes with my fried chicken one. You know when you've eaten fried chicken and then you realize, oh, my body really needs vegetables? You go in the fridge and all you can find are little carrot sticks that are really easy to eat. So you're eating carrot sticks now? I feel a bit better. Fried chicken and carrot sticks. [00:11:05] Speaker A: Book Interrupted. [00:11:09] Speaker B: Hi. Sorry, I'm wearing turtlenecks. These two things because I actually got a hickey sunburn. Too bad. A sweet hickey. Oh my God. I wanted it to be hickey. I was like, your guys relationship is so hot. Wow. All right. I don't really want a hickey, but my raspy voice does not turn my yeah, your raspy voice is sending him into a fucking hickey town. Hickey town in a different he hates he's like, maybe I should sleep in a different room. Hickey town sounds terrible. I don't want hickey. It doesn't sound that hot to me. But teach their own whatever. You guys are into some weird shit. That's fine. I wonder if anyone really is into hickeys. I like hickeys. I love hickeys. No. Do you? Yes. I like hickeys. We don't believe you. Say it. I don't know. I want to know. Not when they're yellow. Oh, and if you have, like, a little one, I don't want to see, like, a giant whatever, but just like, a little hickey. I think it's I like it. Would you ever put a pretend hickey on for, like, looks? Oh, my God. Get the vacuum out. Do you like the feeling or you just like the aesthetic of it? I like getting a hickey. Sharing the hickey with the world. I don't mind giving a hickey interesting. And I like the way that it looks interesting. And then you have to hide it, too, because you're like, nobody likes hickeys. Like, how many years of marriage do you still give each other hickeys? No. Well, that's your Valentine's Day goal. You have to give him a hickey. I'll try to take a pick. Does he like having a hickey, though? No. Doesn't matter. Except for him. For Valentine's, he needs to give you a hickey. I can't, because then I have to go to work. I don't have any way to cover my neck. You need to get a turtleneck. You open the box and it's a turtleneck. And then you know what's going to happen. You're like a turtleneck. I know what this means. Dicky. Instead of lingerie, I get a turtleneck. Or just a dicky. It's cheaper. Dicky for my hickey. And I hope to see a hickey interruption pretty soon. KJ just saying. Yeah, tomorrow. Oh, yeah. Valentine's Day. A Valentine's. Hickey, interruption. If you have a time machine, I can give you plenty of hickey interruptions. He's going to give you that hickey, girl, it's Valentine's Day. You better tell him. Just say this is my valentine's wish. Valentine's Day. What did he say? He's like, I want to make you something nice for dinner, and I'm going to have to be like, well, also, okay. If you don't succeed, you have to give yourself a vacuum hickey. Can you also tell him you want a hickey and a dicky? I need a hickey and a dicky. He might misinterpret that second one. We don't know hickey during dicky. I know. And a dicky for Valentine's Day, in that order. He'll be, like, perfect. I'll give you a hickey if you want a dicky. He'll definitely do it. If you say with a dicky, he's like, Can I give you a hickey while I give you the dicky? No. Yeah, you can. No, again. You're like, you know what? I have five minutes. Sure. All right. Good luck with that. Good luck, buddy. Okay. Thanks, guys. [00:14:44] Speaker A: Thank you for joining us on this episode of Book Interrupted. If you'd like to see the video highlights from this episode, please go to our YouTube channel, Book Interrupted. You can also find our videos on [00:15:00] Speaker C: A book club is just a book without members. Join the community by following us on Facebook, Instagram, or sign up for exclusive content through our [email protected] slash unpublished. We'd like to give a big shout out to our listeners. Your support makes this all possible. Thank you for the uplifting feedback and for recommending us to family and friends. We love hearing from you. Please reach out through our [email protected] fans or by emailing. [email protected]. We appreciate you for taking time out of your busy schedule to connect with us. See you next time on Book Interrupted. [00:15:39] Speaker A: Moments you can look forward to on the next book interrupted. [00:15:43] Speaker B: So, yeah, my name is Ashley, and the book that I've chosen is called When Dad Killed Mom. About me saying how it's written like a fiction. Oh, that's because it is a fiction. Yeah. Gives you endorphins. You're more like, sensitive to it. So, like, the things that make you happy, you're happier. I don't think that genital references warrants a banning, depending on the age. Yeah. So people who have high porosity hair need protein. It was like the beginning of a murder mystery book. I don't know if this is TMI, but when I vagina now, when I draw my vagina and describe it in detail yeah. When I publicly post it. [00:16:22] Speaker A: Book interrupted. [00:16:24] Speaker B: Never forget every child matters.

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