Season Three Recap

January 25, 2024 01:00:12
Season Three Recap
Book Interrupted
Season Three Recap

Jan 25 2024 | 01:00:12


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Sarah, Meredith, Kim and Lia get together to recap Season Three during this episode of Book Interrupted. The conversation starts with a challenge: Can the Book Interrupted Crew even remember what books were part of Season Three?

In addition to talking about Season Three, the girls talk about Season Four, Five and Six! Many ideas are thrown out about what the themes of coming seasons should be. And the women share their predictions around which Season Four book they think they’ll like the most (and least). Of course, Sarah brings up Twilight for a change. Let’s be honest – Would it even be an episode of Book Interrupted without some kind of twilight discussion? And as usual, there are some sexual innuendos and inappropriate interpretations that crack the crew up. Season Three has come and gone and the Book Interrupted Club is excited to start talking about Season Four: Books that have been made into movies!

The Giver by Lois Lowrey

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

When Dad Killed Mom by Julius Lester

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Eat Prey Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanna Collins

Dirt by William Bryant Logan

Salt by Mark Kurlansky

Twilight by Stephanie Meyers

Taylor Lautner

The Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann

A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierley

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

The BFG by Roald Dahl

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

Look Both Ways by Linwood Barclay

Look Both Ways Film

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Big Film

13 Going on 30

10 Things I Hate About You

To All The Boys I Loved Before

The Goldfinch by Donna Tart

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Speaker A: You've thought about joining a book club, but there's one problem. You're too busy or buying books aren't in your budget, or some books aren't in the format that you can access, or you lose interest before you can finish. Or maybe you have no interest in reading the book. Whatever the reason, there is a book club for that here at book interrupted. Reading the book is not a prerequisite for joining the conversation. It's about connecting and celebrating life's interruptions. Join the community by following us on Facebook or contact us through our website at ww Slash fans, we'd love to hear from you. Parental guidance is recommended because this episode has mature topics and strong language. Here are some moments you can look forward to during this episode of book interrupted. [00:00:51] Speaker B: We should ban it. This movie is terrible. [00:00:53] Speaker C: Yeah, terrible movie. I would be on board for that. [00:00:57] Speaker D: Banning, but I feel like I've spent last season between naps and tears. [00:01:02] Speaker C: You guys are crazy. I would never, ever be like, I read the first, then the fourth, then the fourth, then yeah, that sounds. I would be like, if I can't do this in order, it's over. [00:01:09] Speaker E: It's totally different. [00:01:11] Speaker C: How long did you have to read it? Till you realize, like, this isn't about a pregnancy test? You're so dirty. You guys are so. [00:01:19] Speaker B: This is not what the giver is about, listeners. [00:01:21] Speaker C: Most movies are fine unless you've read the book, and then most movies are pathetic failures. [00:01:26] Speaker B: But also even if all you want. [00:01:29] Speaker D: To talk about is Twilight. [00:01:33] Speaker C: Sarah, so what have we learned in this season three recap that we're looking. [00:01:38] Speaker B: Forward to the next season? [00:01:40] Speaker E: My body information is the world. [00:01:46] Speaker B: Trying to learn something new without my. [00:01:53] Speaker E: Body is information is trying to learn. [00:01:58] Speaker C: Something without being disrupted. [00:02:03] Speaker B: Mind, body and soul inspiration is without. [00:02:09] Speaker E: And we're going to talk it out on book interrupted. [00:02:16] Speaker A: Welcome to book interrupted. A book club for busy people to connect and one that celebrates life's interruptions. [00:02:24] Speaker D: All right, thank you. [00:02:27] Speaker C: Season three recap. [00:02:30] Speaker D: Hi, guys. [00:02:31] Speaker C: And I think that we've increased in our percentage. Are we not 100% right now? [00:02:35] Speaker B: 100%? [00:02:36] Speaker C: Oh, no, we're not. [00:02:37] Speaker B: We're 80. [00:02:38] Speaker C: Because Ashley was supposed to come. Are the others were all supposed to be here, too? Oh, let's do the math. How many people were actually supposed to be here? [00:02:45] Speaker E: So Kara, Ashley and Virginia all couldn't make it. [00:02:49] Speaker C: Three more people. So seven. So we got four out of seven. I can't even do that. It's like 53%. [00:02:56] Speaker D: No, I'll do it. [00:02:58] Speaker C: With my calculator. [00:02:59] Speaker D: We're going to need to know that exact math, please. [00:03:01] Speaker C: We do. Because last time we were at 75%, and that was pretty good. [00:03:05] Speaker B: But we've. [00:03:06] Speaker C: That was pretty good. Gotten pretty bad. [00:03:08] Speaker B: 57. [00:03:09] Speaker C: I wasn't so bad. [00:03:10] Speaker B: 57. Good for you. [00:03:12] Speaker C: I mean, I wasn't bad. 57. Bad bitches. [00:03:16] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:03:17] Speaker C: Bitches who are not here. [00:03:18] Speaker D: You're 100% perfect. [00:03:20] Speaker C: Thank you. [00:03:21] Speaker D: But 57% we suck. Which is taking down your 100%. [00:03:27] Speaker B: A little bit. [00:03:28] Speaker C: Just a little bit. [00:03:31] Speaker D: What's new, everybody? It's been so long, I actually don't remember what book I read. [00:03:37] Speaker C: I know. How are we going to recap? But there's only five of them, so it shouldn't be too hard to recall. Let's think about. [00:03:44] Speaker B: Can somebody list the books? What did we read? [00:03:48] Speaker C: Challenge. Not Sarah. You would know. Sarah. This is a challenge. [00:03:51] Speaker B: The handmaid's tale. [00:03:53] Speaker C: Thank you. Go. [00:03:54] Speaker E: And the Hunger Games. [00:03:56] Speaker D: Hunger games. [00:03:57] Speaker C: Good one. Absolutely true. [00:03:59] Speaker B: The absolutely true diary of a part time indian. [00:04:03] Speaker D: The giver's one. Was the giver. Or did you just say that? [00:04:07] Speaker B: The giver. [00:04:08] Speaker C: The giver. [00:04:09] Speaker B: And when dad kills mom. [00:04:13] Speaker C: Is that true, or is that a sneaky second season? Yeah. [00:04:16] Speaker B: We're banned books, right? [00:04:17] Speaker C: So that book was banned books. [00:04:19] Speaker B: Did I get them all? [00:04:20] Speaker C: You did. Well done. [00:04:21] Speaker E: You did. Yeah. [00:04:22] Speaker C: So exciting that dad killed mom. Feels so long ago. Like, I was really, like. You probably pulled that season two. [00:04:29] Speaker B: They all seem. [00:04:29] Speaker D: That feels so long ago. [00:04:31] Speaker F: What was the first one? [00:04:32] Speaker C: Was it Handsmaid's tale? [00:04:33] Speaker E: Hans? [00:04:33] Speaker B: Meals. [00:04:34] Speaker D: Meals. [00:04:36] Speaker E: Meals. [00:04:36] Speaker B: Tale. [00:04:37] Speaker D: It's a different kind of story altogether. [00:04:40] Speaker B: It's about milling stuff. It's not as controversial. [00:04:46] Speaker C: It was only banned in three countries. Yeah. [00:04:50] Speaker D: Having the flower stock market. That's great. [00:04:57] Speaker B: Don't tell them life. They have to keep milling this week. [00:05:02] Speaker D: Don't let them find out. Actually, it's very hunger gamesy. There's some district that's in charge of all the, I don't know, grain. Apparently there's another Hunger games coming out. Have you guys seen this preview? [00:05:13] Speaker B: Yes. [00:05:14] Speaker C: And this is in our next season. Are you doing this on purpose, leah? [00:05:18] Speaker D: Oh, my gosh. I didn't know. Someone picked it. Who picked it? [00:05:22] Speaker C: Season four. We're reading it. [00:05:24] Speaker E: Ashley. Ashley. She's coming back next season. [00:05:26] Speaker D: Did she change her original book choice? [00:05:29] Speaker B: No. [00:05:29] Speaker D: Oh, okay. Well, this is exciting. [00:05:32] Speaker C: And you've already read it, right, Mare? [00:05:34] Speaker B: I did. I read it in English and French. [00:05:37] Speaker D: Of course you did. Nailed it. [00:05:39] Speaker B: Impressive. Trebien. [00:05:42] Speaker D: Trebien. [00:05:43] Speaker B: Magnificent. [00:05:46] Speaker C: How you say? Geek, right? That's what I thought you said when you said geek. [00:05:55] Speaker D: Oh, my God. [00:05:55] Speaker B: That is such a deep gut. So mean. [00:05:59] Speaker D: Oh, my God. Good one. [00:06:01] Speaker C: No. [00:06:02] Speaker B: Before I went to go visit Sarah this year, I wanted to brush up on my French. So I read a bunch of books that I had already read in English. In French. Because I think, yeah, it definitely helped because it's like I'm enjoying myself. I kind of know what the story is about. It made it so I had to reach for the dictionary a little bit less. I had an idea of what it was all about. [00:06:19] Speaker C: It's a good strategy. Instead of just, like, adding some pointless studying, just trying to relearn reading a like, that's a great way to do it. [00:06:28] Speaker B: This was a Lindsay tip. Lindsay gave you that tip? [00:06:31] Speaker D: Hot tip. [00:06:32] Speaker B: Hot tip. Because she read Harry Potter. I've got two and a half Harry Potters in French, too, so pretty long. [00:06:39] Speaker C: Wow. [00:06:39] Speaker D: You have to really know French. You know what you're doing there. [00:06:43] Speaker B: It definitely helps. It was immersed from a young age. [00:06:47] Speaker E: I think that Lindsay read the Hunger Games in French, too. I think when she came on the first episode, she was like, I'm reading this in French. [00:06:54] Speaker B: She got me to think about what books my library has in French. And in fact, they do have the first Hunger games and the new one, but not the two in between, which I was kind of like, okay, may. [00:07:05] Speaker D: I ask, have you announced all of the next season's books yet? [00:07:09] Speaker E: No, ahead of myself. [00:07:11] Speaker D: Because this is a recap, not. [00:07:13] Speaker C: Can we. We should on this? [00:07:16] Speaker E: Sure. No, we can. I have them on the website now. And the books that we are doing will be. [00:07:22] Speaker C: Wait, what's the theme? Why are we doing these? [00:07:24] Speaker E: Oh, right. [00:07:25] Speaker D: It's my favorite theme. [00:07:26] Speaker C: Me too. It's like going to be the theme for the rest of the season. [00:07:30] Speaker D: Yeah, it's like, I love it the most. [00:07:33] Speaker E: The theme is books that have been turned into movies. [00:07:36] Speaker D: Yay. [00:07:37] Speaker E: Or shows. [00:07:38] Speaker D: Well, now I need to go to the website and see if is the artwork launched because this is my favorite. [00:07:43] Speaker E: Part not yet worked on. Right. [00:07:47] Speaker D: Oh, my goodness. [00:07:47] Speaker B: So maybe by the time this episode airs, it will be up. [00:07:51] Speaker D: Great. Well, everybody, ww dot It is the funnest website I've ever seen. [00:07:59] Speaker B: Wow. [00:08:00] Speaker D: I love it. Not just because I'm on it, but. [00:08:03] Speaker B: That'S part of it. [00:08:04] Speaker C: The best part is my face. [00:08:06] Speaker D: But I do love it because it's so fun seeing your face superimposed in these hilarious covers. It's so funny. [00:08:13] Speaker E: We had a literary agent contact us because they were looking at different websites of people who review books, and she said she's been to 200 various different blogs and websites on people who review books or talk about books. And ours is by far the best she's ever seen. [00:08:33] Speaker B: I was like, wow. [00:08:35] Speaker D: Shout out to Jessica Odi. If anyone wants a website done out there, I will look up her email and let you know. I can't remember. It's Jess or Jessica. [00:08:46] Speaker E: It's Jessica. But she'll turn them down. [00:08:48] Speaker D: She'll turn it down because she's booked a Phil. [00:08:52] Speaker C: She'll turn them down. I'll give you their emails so you can't have her. [00:08:57] Speaker D: She literally has been pushing my website. Relaunch back. Well, that's not on her. Both of us have been kind of lazy about, but because me financially, and her, because she's like, well, don't worry. We can just push it back. It's been two. [00:09:13] Speaker E: Like it says, created by Jessica OD on the bottom of our website. But I offered to promote her on our sponsor page or whatever or more. Right? [00:09:23] Speaker B: She was like, no, thank you. [00:09:25] Speaker E: She was like, that is so sweet, and I love working on your guys stuff, but I cannot take one more client. I'm so booked. [00:09:32] Speaker D: That's so great. [00:09:33] Speaker E: Okay, great. Well, because she's so awesome. [00:09:36] Speaker D: She is so talented. [00:09:37] Speaker E: Anytime I send her our stuff, she's like, I'm so excited to work on. [00:09:40] Speaker D: Your guys because I think it's really fun. I was just talking to her this morning and, like, text talking, and I was like, I just want my new site to be like, book interrupted site. Whatever you do there, do that for me. [00:09:55] Speaker B: So you might copy it and change the color. [00:09:57] Speaker D: Imagine I just did the exact same site. I just changed the colorway. [00:10:02] Speaker B: Leah interrupted. [00:10:04] Speaker D: Leah interrupted has nothing to do with tattoos at all. [00:10:08] Speaker B: It's just pictures of you photoshopped into different. [00:10:15] Speaker E: You should photoshop yourself into different tattoos. Tattoos. [00:10:20] Speaker B: Oh, my God. [00:10:21] Speaker E: Just with your face. [00:10:23] Speaker B: It's super sellable, guys. This is super sellable. I think so. I like your face. [00:10:29] Speaker D: That's funny. Okay, hit me with the books, y'all. [00:10:34] Speaker E: So the books we're doing, the first book is your book pick, eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert. [00:10:42] Speaker C: Right. [00:10:42] Speaker E: Gilbert. [00:10:43] Speaker B: Perfect. [00:10:44] Speaker E: And then the second book is Ashley. [00:10:47] Speaker B: The ballad of songbirds and Snakes. [00:10:50] Speaker E: Yes. Hunger Danes. [00:10:51] Speaker C: Who's that by? Stephanie Meyer. No, she's the twilight lady. [00:10:56] Speaker B: No. [00:10:56] Speaker E: Twilight. [00:10:57] Speaker B: Who wrote Hunger Games? [00:10:58] Speaker D: Susan Collins. [00:10:59] Speaker C: Thank you. [00:10:59] Speaker D: Or Suzanne Collins, rather. [00:11:01] Speaker C: I'm surprised that Twilight didn't make it in here, considering you call yourself a. [00:11:04] Speaker E: Fan, Sarah, because I just wanted to see mare read the vampire love story. [00:11:10] Speaker B: But then I was like, just for me, I might have to read it just because you want me to read it. He'll surprisingly enjoy fluff, but I'm not against reading it. I am reading one of the books I wanted to pick for next season. And you're welcome, everyone. I did not pick it. I'm reading it and I'm loving it, called dirt, the static skin of the earth. And it's about dirt. The person who writes it, it's like, so poetic. And he's talking about dirt, and it's beautiful. And I was like, but they made it in a documentary. [00:11:42] Speaker D: Classic marriage. [00:11:43] Speaker B: Nobody wants to read this but me. But it's like a short. [00:11:46] Speaker C: So good. Josh would like that book. [00:11:49] Speaker B: I'm going to pick this other book. Sarah will get to it when I let her finish the books for next. [00:11:53] Speaker C: Season, but I'm reading it now. [00:11:54] Speaker B: So I will read the vampire book, but I have to read this other mayor. [00:11:57] Speaker C: There's also a book called salt that you might like that's similar to your dirt description here. Not my bookshave. I'll tell you my bookshave. [00:12:06] Speaker B: My bookshave. It's the books I cut up I don't like. [00:12:13] Speaker C: Anyway, before I shave it off, I'll tell you, the author. [00:12:18] Speaker E: That's funny. That's like a call out to when leah, remember you cut the sapien book in half. Do you remember? [00:12:24] Speaker D: But I did buy another copy just so people know. I don't know if that wrongs are right or just wastes a know. Nobody knows. [00:12:34] Speaker B: That's a riddle. [00:12:35] Speaker D: I don't know, but go ahead. I don't know why I had to chime in on that. Yes. [00:12:42] Speaker B: Wrong is a right or right for wrong. I don't know if it made it. [00:12:45] Speaker D: Worse or better, actually, but okay, it's both. Why'd I do it? [00:12:51] Speaker B: It was heavy. [00:12:51] Speaker C: It was hard to carry. [00:12:53] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:12:54] Speaker D: And I just wanted to do it dramatically. [00:12:56] Speaker C: You're very rebellious, so you're right in that problem job. [00:13:00] Speaker E: Another reason we didn't have to pick Twilight is because we talked about it quite a bit during episode one of the hand Faye tales. [00:13:09] Speaker B: Because they're so similar. They're so. [00:13:14] Speaker C: About. [00:13:15] Speaker B: She loves the sexy vampires and the sexy werewolves. All she wants is to watch some teenage werewolf take off a shirt and run through the forest. [00:13:23] Speaker C: No, I don't know. You want to read the book? If you watch the movie, you'll be. [00:13:28] Speaker B: I have done neither. [00:13:29] Speaker C: It is so bad. Just save your time. And do not watch the movie. [00:13:34] Speaker B: Don't watch the movie. I've seen part of the movie when I wake up on a plane and someone else is watching it. [00:13:40] Speaker C: You might want to after reading the book, but heed my warning. It's so bad. Especially when they're running through the forest. [00:13:47] Speaker B: Especially. That's mostly. And the graphics are supposed to be bad, right? We talked about this during the handsmaid tale. [00:13:53] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:13:53] Speaker B: This is the conversation that's been. [00:13:55] Speaker E: That's another reason why I almost picked Twilight. Just the fourth. Cannot watch the movie again. But anyway, I didn't pick Twilight. [00:14:02] Speaker C: Okay. We're talking about the books. We did. [00:14:08] Speaker D: Is that all? [00:14:09] Speaker C: We've got two books so far. [00:14:11] Speaker B: We've talked about two out of, like, nine. [00:14:13] Speaker C: Deeprey love ballad of songbirds and snakes. [00:14:18] Speaker D: Which is a Hunger games prequel. [00:14:20] Speaker B: Yes. [00:14:21] Speaker E: Then Kim's the murderer. [00:14:25] Speaker C: The killers of the flower moon. [00:14:27] Speaker E: Thank you. Yeah. [00:14:30] Speaker D: Is this the one that's just out now? [00:14:33] Speaker C: That just came out. [00:14:34] Speaker B: Oh, I'm so excited. [00:14:36] Speaker D: I'm not going to watch it now. [00:14:37] Speaker C: That's right. That's why I did that. That's how I. [00:14:39] Speaker D: We were going to watch it, honestly, on Friday night, and we didn't. [00:14:42] Speaker C: So this. [00:14:44] Speaker D: Now my husband can't watch it for. [00:14:46] Speaker B: Whatever month either. [00:14:50] Speaker D: Which for me will be a year. [00:14:53] Speaker B: Okay. [00:14:54] Speaker E: And then the next one. A long way home. [00:14:56] Speaker C: This is in order. [00:14:58] Speaker E: Yep. [00:14:58] Speaker B: A long way home and a long way home. [00:15:00] Speaker E: The movie's called lion. [00:15:02] Speaker C: Oh, right. [00:15:02] Speaker D: How strange. [00:15:03] Speaker B: Okay. [00:15:04] Speaker E: It's a memoir, and it's about a little boy who is five and gets lost on a train in India. [00:15:11] Speaker D: Oh, my God. I've seen this movie. Oh, boy. [00:15:14] Speaker B: Okay, sad one. [00:15:17] Speaker E: The next one is the immortal life of Henrietta Lax. And that's Meredith's book pick. It's also an oprah book. Yeah. [00:15:28] Speaker B: And there's a documentary. There's two movies with that book. There's a documentary one, and there's that Oprah one. [00:15:33] Speaker D: Oh, my goodness. I think I've read this book. Is Henrietta. It's her dna. [00:15:38] Speaker B: It's her cells. [00:15:39] Speaker D: This is a fantastic book, guys. [00:15:42] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:15:42] Speaker E: Her cells never die. [00:15:44] Speaker B: They just keep dividing. [00:15:46] Speaker D: Oh, God. Yes. I didn't realize they made a movie. [00:15:50] Speaker B: Her cells revolutionized medicine. [00:15:52] Speaker D: The author does a great job and finds the family lineage and meets. Oh, man. Great choice. [00:15:59] Speaker B: Yeah, it's a good one. It's about science. [00:16:02] Speaker C: What is the name of this book? I stepped away for a second. [00:16:05] Speaker B: It's the immortal life of. [00:16:08] Speaker C: Thank you. [00:16:09] Speaker D: Yeah. Oh, it's just really touching. Really eye opening one. Wow. Yeah. That's so cool that there's a movie about this. I'm going to end a documentary. I'm going to check those out. [00:16:19] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:16:19] Speaker E: And you can jump on that episode if you want, now that you. [00:16:22] Speaker D: Oh, I'd love to. Yeah. I'll have to pull that book out and re peruse. [00:16:26] Speaker E: Oh, that's another thing for next season. We're only doing one book, one episode. [00:16:30] Speaker C: Because we're one episode per book. [00:16:32] Speaker B: That's it. Okay. [00:16:33] Speaker D: Got you breakfast, lunch, and dinner all on one plate. One plate. [00:16:38] Speaker B: Okay. One plate. [00:16:42] Speaker C: Stack high. [00:16:47] Speaker D: What would be on that plate? If it's breakfast, lunch, and dinner? [00:16:49] Speaker C: It's like cereal. A sandwich. [00:16:52] Speaker D: Sandwich. [00:16:53] Speaker C: Mashed potatoes. [00:16:55] Speaker B: Mashed potatoes. [00:16:57] Speaker E: Mashed potatoes. [00:16:58] Speaker D: I like it. Cereal and mashed potatoes between two slices of bread. [00:17:03] Speaker C: Cereal. But the milk is mashed potatoes. [00:17:07] Speaker B: I like it a lot. [00:17:08] Speaker D: There's probably a way to make that delicious. [00:17:10] Speaker B: No joke. Butter bacon. [00:17:12] Speaker D: Butter bacon will fix that right up. [00:17:14] Speaker B: Makes everything delicious. Okay, so we're still taking a long time. What's next? [00:17:18] Speaker C: Okay, look, we're doing the season four intro is what we're doing. Not a season three recap at all. [00:17:22] Speaker B: Oh, dear. [00:17:23] Speaker E: Okay, I'm almost done. Kara's book is the BFG, the big friendly giant by rodal. [00:17:30] Speaker D: Love that. [00:17:31] Speaker E: Virginia is joining us again, and her book is lessons in chemistry. [00:17:37] Speaker D: I don't know this. [00:17:38] Speaker B: I like that. It's a good one. [00:17:39] Speaker E: And I think it's on Apple tv. I think that's where that one apple. [00:17:45] Speaker B: Sponsor us and give me apple tv. [00:17:47] Speaker D: Would you stop being selfish? [00:17:49] Speaker B: Apple. Come on. [00:17:50] Speaker E: Apple. [00:17:50] Speaker C: Come on. Who chose the Henrietta book? Marinette. [00:17:54] Speaker D: Mayor. [00:17:54] Speaker B: Yes. Yeah. [00:17:56] Speaker E: Mayor. [00:17:56] Speaker B: Instead of dirt. [00:17:58] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:17:59] Speaker C: Thank you. Yeah, that's right. [00:18:01] Speaker E: Lindsay is joining us again, and her book pick is the hating game. [00:18:06] Speaker D: What's that? [00:18:07] Speaker E: A sexy romance book. [00:18:08] Speaker D: Okay. [00:18:09] Speaker E: I literally think she picked it because she wants to see me read sexies uncomfortably because I told her how uncomfortable I am reading. [00:18:16] Speaker B: Sexy. [00:18:16] Speaker D: Wonderful, dear. [00:18:18] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:18:18] Speaker E: So that's it. That's all. [00:18:20] Speaker D: How exciting it is. [00:18:22] Speaker B: It's a lot more books. Sounds great. [00:18:23] Speaker C: Exciting. [00:18:24] Speaker B: Now, should we talk about season three? Yeah, if we can remember, it's been a long year. I don't know. [00:18:32] Speaker E: It feels like forever. [00:18:33] Speaker C: So was Handmaid's tale first for season three? [00:18:36] Speaker B: Indeed. [00:18:36] Speaker E: Yeah. Okay, so obviously that's not Kim's favorite. What was your favorite book this season? Did not like that book. [00:18:41] Speaker C: I don't remember the books already. [00:18:44] Speaker D: I immediately blacked out the giver. [00:18:46] Speaker B: The Hunger Games handmaid's tale when dad killed mom. The absolutely true diary of a part time indian. [00:18:51] Speaker C: I guess it'll be a tie between Hunger games and absolutely true diary. Because I didn't like the giver. I didn't like the Handmaid's tale. And then. Oh, yeah, when dad killed mom, I didn't really like that either. [00:19:03] Speaker D: What you're saying is you read a lot of books you didn't like this year. [00:19:06] Speaker C: That's what I did this year. [00:19:08] Speaker B: You had a shitty year. [00:19:09] Speaker C: Season three, a disappointing. [00:19:11] Speaker B: That's why it was so long. [00:19:13] Speaker C: When will I ever finish this? [00:19:16] Speaker B: She blocked it out. [00:19:18] Speaker C: I don't remember if I did. When dad killed mom with Fred, but for multiple books, I forced him to read them with me. [00:19:25] Speaker D: Oh, boy. You're taking the whole team down. [00:19:28] Speaker B: Although at least two of those were pretty short. [00:19:31] Speaker C: Yes. [00:19:31] Speaker B: Right? [00:19:32] Speaker C: That's what they had going for them. [00:19:33] Speaker B: The handmaid's tale isn't that short. And it feels long because I think it's supposed to feel long because her life is the same every day, and. [00:19:40] Speaker C: You'Re waiting for it to. [00:19:41] Speaker B: Yeah, totally. And you're like, oh, and we don't know what happened to her. There's just these tapes. We just found that. There's just these tapes. [00:19:48] Speaker C: Yeah, that was so. Remember before, mare, when you were talking about the fonts and I was like, I don't usually keep reading after the story ends. I couldn't remember, but, like, had a whiff of memory about. Because I missed a part of a book. Because I stopped reading, because I was like, well, that's over. But it was the handmaid's tale. I missed all the section at the end. [00:20:06] Speaker B: Yeah, that was part of the story. [00:20:08] Speaker C: It didn't make it any better, but. [00:20:10] Speaker B: It didn't seem like it was. The thing about the fonts for the other two who are here is I was talking about eat, pray, love, which is our first book for next season. Again, I'm talking about next season, but whatever. And I said, well, there's lots of words. [00:20:22] Speaker C: We're already there. [00:20:23] Speaker B: But you look at it and there's lots of words. [00:20:25] Speaker E: We're talking about spacing. [00:20:26] Speaker B: We're talking about fonts and how sometimes you look at the back of a book and it talks about the font. To someone who is making these books, it matters. Spacing of the words and the lines and the Font and everything is very important to how they tell the story. This book has a lot of words on each page. [00:20:43] Speaker E: A lot. [00:20:44] Speaker D: Little fonts. [00:20:45] Speaker B: Can I get it without destroying my bookshelf? And then, like, I gave this one as an example, there's more spacing. The margins are a little bit bigger. But that's important to this book, the way it is presented, not just to make more pages out of it, but just that the fonts are different. So that's what we were talking about. [00:21:00] Speaker D: Yes. And she even addresses the layout. But you know what? That's something to talk about in next season. Not even bring it up. [00:21:10] Speaker C: So, Hunger Games and true diary. What about you guys? What was your favorite books? [00:21:15] Speaker B: All the books were fun. [00:21:16] Speaker E: They are all the same for you, Mare. [00:21:20] Speaker B: I liked rereading the handsmade tale. I hadn't read that since I was in high school. And I think that I probably had a different appreciation for it now than I did then. Probably because we were dissecting it bit by bit. And that changes how you experience the books, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst, or whatever. The Hunger Games, I'd never read, so it was enjoyable because I was like, oh, this is very enjoyable. And I liked doing that. And then I read all of the books for the Hunger Games, and then it all kind of came together. And then when we talked about it, I couldn't just decipher which one came from which story. So sorry, everyone. And the absolutely true diary of a part time indian was really good. I read that quickly. I wasn't a huge fan of when dad killed mom, but it was okay. [00:22:02] Speaker C: How about the giver? [00:22:02] Speaker B: I enjoyed the giver. I read it in one sitting. I read really fast, and I read two of the other four. I missed one. I like to read the whole series, I guess, when we read a book. So that's a problem. [00:22:12] Speaker C: Well, if I like it, I'll keep going for sure. I get that if you liked it, and then there's more to consume, of course. [00:22:18] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:22:19] Speaker E: So I did read sun, the last book of the giver, because remember, Mary, you said the last book gives you the ending of the giver. [00:22:26] Speaker B: I did it. [00:22:27] Speaker E: I read only the last one, and now it makes me want to read the other two. [00:22:30] Speaker B: The other two. Because there's characters in it from the other two. [00:22:33] Speaker E: Yes. And it was actually satisfying. I felt satisfied. [00:22:39] Speaker C: Sun like sunshine or sun like child of a person? [00:22:43] Speaker E: Child S-O-N. Yeah. So now I want to go back and read the other two. I didn't have any interest in reading the other two until I read the last one, and I was like, okay, I'm good. I can go back. I'm no longer angry at Lois Lowry, which I was. Really? [00:22:59] Speaker B: Yeah, there's one I didn't read so I read the first one, then the third one, and then the last one. Once I read the last one, I was like, now I want to read the second one to see what that character is all about and what their story was like. [00:23:10] Speaker C: You guys are crazy. I would never, ever be like, I read the first, then the fourth, then the fourth. Then I would be like, if I can't do this in order, it's over. [00:23:18] Speaker D: I can't do it in order. I'm not doing it totally. [00:23:21] Speaker B: And the sentence, it's not a sequential thing because the first three still doesn't matter to me. [00:23:27] Speaker D: Mayhem. [00:23:29] Speaker C: It's the second book. [00:23:30] Speaker B: Mirror. [00:23:30] Speaker C: It's the second book. [00:23:32] Speaker B: The first three are like separate stories, and then the last one ties it up. [00:23:38] Speaker E: People from each one in it. [00:23:40] Speaker B: The first three aren't really related to each other, is the thing. [00:23:43] Speaker D: Maybe. Did you guys ever watch the movie? [00:23:46] Speaker B: Yes. [00:23:47] Speaker C: No. [00:23:51] Speaker B: The movie was. It's not the same story. It kind of is. [00:23:55] Speaker C: Did it do that thing where it's like, here's a love story, here's a happy ending? [00:23:59] Speaker B: Yeah. They made a love interest thing in the movie. [00:24:03] Speaker D: A little one, yeah. [00:24:04] Speaker B: And the kid wasn't twelve. He was like full teenager wanting a girlfriend type thing. It was too much about that than what the book was actually about. [00:24:14] Speaker D: And it had some pretty heavy hitter actors in it. [00:24:16] Speaker C: What was the giver then? Was he giving it to her? [00:24:20] Speaker B: Is that what it was about? [00:24:22] Speaker D: It was a different kind of movie altogether. [00:24:27] Speaker B: The kind that would make Sarah very uncomfortable. But it was. [00:24:36] Speaker C: Gross. Just so you know, this isn't, well. [00:24:39] Speaker D: Kind of interpretations there. [00:24:43] Speaker C: At the last wording, we talked about the history of the middle finger and Meredith assumes that this represents your penis, which is why it's this finger, because you would never choose a smaller finger to represent your penis. And then I said, well, if that's true, wouldn't you just not have any fingers and pretend like this is your big fat dick? So I wasn't fisting, I just wanted to clarify. [00:25:03] Speaker B: Yeah, I was fat fingering. Because people go like this. [00:25:09] Speaker E: People. [00:25:09] Speaker B: When they're saying, you have a worse, not better. Right? [00:25:15] Speaker C: You're so dirty. You guys are so. [00:25:17] Speaker B: This is not what the giver is about, listeners. [00:25:20] Speaker C: This is not what they mean by the giver. [00:25:22] Speaker E: It's a children's book. A children book. [00:25:26] Speaker B: Yeah. It's for that to Hollywood. Right. It's for tweens or early keeper. [00:25:30] Speaker D: Yes. [00:25:31] Speaker B: I mean, the main character is twelve, so maybe it's for twelve year old. [00:25:34] Speaker D: Twelve and apart. Go with that. [00:25:36] Speaker C: Okay. [00:25:36] Speaker B: Anyone else. [00:25:37] Speaker E: So my favorite book. Sorry. My favorite book for the season would be the absolutely true diary of a part time indian. I liked it the most when dad killed mom. It was just kind of a bleep for me. [00:25:49] Speaker B: It was okay. [00:25:50] Speaker E: I liked the handmaid's tale, although I completely forgot there's no ending and just made up one of my own. While I was reading it, I was like, what? There's no ending. I made this whole thing up in my head. [00:26:02] Speaker B: I love that because you totally do that. You're like, I need. I need a happy ending, and I'm going to make it up, and I'd be satisfied. [00:26:10] Speaker E: And I always love the Hunger games. It's such a good series. It's amazing series. I'm looking forward to reading the ballad of songbirds and snakes. I'm looking forward to reading that. [00:26:18] Speaker B: Can I say something about the ballad of songbirds and snakes? I tried listening to the audiobook, and thing with that book is there's a lot of songs in the book, but the person who narrates the audiobook speaks the songs. I just didn't like it. [00:26:32] Speaker C: Why would you speak a song? [00:26:34] Speaker E: Well, I don't know. [00:26:35] Speaker B: I feel like he signed up for this audiobook and didn't realize that there's a lot of songs in it, and. [00:26:40] Speaker C: It was like a man that was. [00:26:41] Speaker B: Doing it, and the songs are being sung by a woman, and his woman's voice rubbed me the wrong way, too. [00:26:46] Speaker C: He had a woman's voice? [00:26:47] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:26:48] Speaker B: He would change his voice when he was speaking as the girl. And I didn't like it, I didn't. [00:26:56] Speaker C: Experience it, and I already did. [00:26:57] Speaker B: So. Your turn, leah. [00:26:59] Speaker D: So, full disclosure, I did not read along with you. I, of course, read the hunger games, which was fantastic, and sent me into wanting to rewatch them all, which was fantastic. And I didn't read any of the other books along with you last year. Last season, rather. It's a bit of a blur, if I'm honest. I don't know if my brain is not altogether remembering that well, but I feel like I've spent last season between naps and tears. My memory processing might not be at the worst. Not that anything's wrong, just a really challenging time in my life. So, like, I've barely read anything, honestly, if I could stay awake, feel like my body's been in a hibernation mode. That's all right. However, I'm feeling really great and excited about reading more. I just recently bought three books and do you guys have these where you are? What do you call them book notes. [00:27:58] Speaker B: Lending people have on their lawns? [00:28:00] Speaker E: Lending libraries? [00:28:01] Speaker D: Yes, those my favorite lending libraries on their lawns. And they're usually in a little house shape. They're adorable. Told myself I'm not going to go to them anymore. And then actually when Sarah was visiting me, I took her around because there's so many by my house. And then it started a bad thing where I was like, now I'm just hoarding books. [00:28:21] Speaker B: It's borrowing, not stories. Borrowing, borrowing. [00:28:25] Speaker D: But at the rate I read, like, I'm the world's slowest reader. [00:28:30] Speaker B: And then all the libraries are empty because you just got. [00:28:33] Speaker C: They're all at Leah's house. [00:28:35] Speaker D: I have a great stack going, but I need to focus on eat, pray, love, because that's set next to a clock. So I'm excited to emerge into reading again. [00:28:44] Speaker B: Full disclosure, I was making fun about your hoarding a little bit. But I also do the same thing. The library. Like, we have so many books. That's just hard to not take out. More books. [00:28:54] Speaker C: All the books you want. [00:28:54] Speaker B: All the books you want. [00:28:55] Speaker D: Anyway, it's exciting. Yeah, I'll bring them back. [00:28:58] Speaker E: So, Leah, remember how we went around and one of the ones we went to, I took a book that I thought I was going to use this season because there's a movie about it called. You might know the movie. So the movie is about a girl that is taking a pregnancy test, and either she gets pregnant or she gets pregnant. [00:29:13] Speaker C: Sliding doors. [00:29:14] Speaker D: It's not sliding doors, but it's sliding doors with pregnancy. Like that. It came out this year. [00:29:20] Speaker E: Yeah. What was it called again? [00:29:22] Speaker C: Let's make up a title. Plus or minus Destiny's. Destiny. [00:29:27] Speaker E: It's like crossing the road. [00:29:33] Speaker B: Not catchy. [00:29:33] Speaker C: I'd like to hear your option. [00:29:35] Speaker B: I don't know. On the spot. Destiny's. Destiny. That was pretty good for on the spot. [00:29:40] Speaker D: Yeah. What is it? I saw it on, like, Netflix. I'm going to look it up. I can figure this out. [00:29:47] Speaker C: Pregnant pause. [00:29:48] Speaker B: How about that? [00:29:50] Speaker D: Yeah, well, don't pause too long, y'all. This might take a minute. [00:29:53] Speaker E: I thought I was going to do it, and then when I got that book home. Leah, that book has the same title as that movie, but that book is about AI taking over self driving cars. [00:30:11] Speaker B: It's totally different. [00:30:14] Speaker C: How long did you have to read it till you realized, like, this isn't about a pregnancy test? How many chapters in did you get? [00:30:21] Speaker B: So you're like, I don't think that. [00:30:23] Speaker C: This is going to look both ways. [00:30:25] Speaker B: Did it look both ways. [00:30:27] Speaker E: Yeah, looks both ways. [00:30:28] Speaker B: That's what it is. [00:30:30] Speaker D: That's what we thought it was. We don't know if that's a good book or a bad book or a good movie or a bad movie or. [00:30:36] Speaker B: A movie about pregnancy or a movie about AI driven aliens. We do know it's about both of those last ones. [00:30:43] Speaker D: We cannot vouch for it nor confirm its contents. In fact, what have we done? [00:30:50] Speaker C: What have we done? [00:30:51] Speaker B: That's what they said in the air. [00:30:52] Speaker C: 10 minutes of editing. [00:30:54] Speaker B: Yeah. Look both ways. What have we done? Both ways. [00:30:58] Speaker E: So I was going to do that book, and I was secure with my pick. And then I read the back of. [00:31:03] Speaker B: The book and I was like, oh, this isn't right. [00:31:06] Speaker E: Then I had to go through and try to figure out what book I was going to do. [00:31:09] Speaker D: Oh, well, I don't know if you guys ever experienced this, but I'm sure everybody does this in life where you want to check out more than other times in your life. And because of some choices around my health, the only thing left available to me was tv. I think I've watched more tv, like useless, crappy tv this year than I've ever watched in my life. [00:31:30] Speaker C: I'd love to know how much that is, because I bet you that's like my. I haven't been watching enough tv this year. I bet you those levels. [00:31:37] Speaker B: How dare I? [00:31:38] Speaker C: I love useless. [00:31:39] Speaker D: Well, like, I haven't read. So reading really does something. I think, for most people, it has a settling effect. You can lose yourself in a book, but I've doubled my efforts in tv. And I was saying to my partner, I was like, remember how much joy I felt when I read books? Oh, yeah. I think I need to turn that thing off. So anyways, I'm turning a corner and turning a page. [00:32:02] Speaker B: It's hard. It is. [00:32:04] Speaker D: It's addictive. For me, it's addictive. [00:32:06] Speaker B: When I did these bookshelves, which was a while back, season one, I think we put the tv downstairs because this was all a construction area. And I have a section over there on the bookshelf, doesn't have a shelf, so I got a tv mount, and we bought the tv mount and everything, but we found that because the tv was in the basement, we stopped watching it because it just wasn't there. And so we never brought it back up. So I just have a big open, then I might put another shelf in there. [00:32:32] Speaker D: Tv mount display. [00:32:33] Speaker B: Well, we didn't even put the mount up. I still have it in a box. We never end up putting it up, and it was nice because once it was away, it was the same thing. We were just, like, watching a lot of tv. And then, I don't know. It's hard, though. [00:32:43] Speaker D: And don't get me wrong, I love tv. I think there's a lot of great artistic shows and all that. It's just real housewives of everywhere is. [00:32:50] Speaker B: What I've been watching every place. [00:32:53] Speaker D: They make a real housewives. I'm up to date and I love it, but I also need to take a step back. Those aren't my friends. [00:33:01] Speaker B: They're angry. I don't want to angry at each other. Okay. I have trouble not going to the next episode, and I know that it's made that way so that you're supposed to go to the next episode and they're trying to get you hooked and stuff. I read an interesting book that was about technology addictions. They said, because they have this formula, if you want to try to stop. [00:33:21] Speaker D: Because they leave a hook at the. [00:33:22] Speaker B: End of an episode, and that gets resolved the beginning of the next one, and then there's a new conflict. He's like, you can either just stop after the beginning of the next episode where you get dissatisfaction and then just start again mid episode next time. And I was like, oh, well, I. [00:33:36] Speaker D: Guess that's a great tip. I have plaid willpower. [00:33:39] Speaker B: I haven't really been able to do it, but I'm hoping I can one day. [00:33:46] Speaker D: There you go. But all the books next season sound really up my alley. Anything that has a reward system, like the reward being getting to watch the movie after works for me 100% of the time, because when I watch a movie, I also get the popcorns and the treats, and I usually let myself have pop, which I'm pretty. I try not to have pop because I drink the whole case. [00:34:15] Speaker C: It's a good strategy then. [00:34:17] Speaker B: Even though last season was about all about banned books, a lot of the books we read were turned into movies or whatever. Not all of them, but it just seems like a lot. I guess that's where we, like, that's. [00:34:28] Speaker C: Where the idea came from. [00:34:29] Speaker B: Got here. This is where we came from. [00:34:32] Speaker C: But it's interesting, too, because do you think that was because the books were banned that they were like, let's make a movie. They can't ban the movies. Do you think that had any relationship with each other? Because if they were banned books, I would say, legitimately, they shouldn't be turned into movies. You know what I mean? There should be an argument for why it shouldn't become on another format or whatever you call it. Yeah. [00:34:54] Speaker D: Those movies must have been banned in their countries. [00:34:56] Speaker B: Maybe it's a nice marketing thing. If it's banned, it probably has some interesting content for somebody. It has publicity built in because it's. [00:35:06] Speaker E: Been banned, because you know how they talk about all publicity is good publicity. It has publicity already built in because it was banned, so automatically it's more marketable. [00:35:16] Speaker B: You're saying we need to get banned book interrupted somewhere? [00:35:21] Speaker C: Yeah, I'm sure we are banned somewhere. We were just talking about fisting. [00:35:27] Speaker D: What you're saying is everybody, on the count of three, tits out publicity, that's. [00:35:33] Speaker B: Not going to get us banned. [00:35:34] Speaker D: Oh, wait, that might not get us banned. [00:35:36] Speaker C: That's going to get us majorly popular. [00:35:38] Speaker D: That's a different kind of popularity. [00:35:40] Speaker B: That's also publicity. [00:35:41] Speaker D: I mean, is any bad publicity bad? [00:35:43] Speaker B: I don't know. [00:35:45] Speaker C: I think that those books were turned into movies before the books were even banned. I'm going to wager 50% of the time, because half of the time it's like people catch up, right? And they're like, wait a minute, we're against talking about this now. Whereas before we weren't really against that. Or the people who do the banning are not usually readers, I would wager. So they finally read the book and then they're like, wait a minute. Well, they don't even read it when they ban it anyway. So they just hear about it. [00:36:13] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:36:13] Speaker C: I'd be interested to know how many of those books were banned before or after their movie was made. [00:36:19] Speaker D: Interesting. [00:36:19] Speaker B: That's interesting. [00:36:20] Speaker E: And I wonder if maybe the people banning it banned it after because they watched the movie. You watch the movie and they're like. [00:36:26] Speaker B: Oh, right, maybe we should ban it. This movie is terrible. Yeah, terrible movie. [00:36:34] Speaker C: I would be on board for that banning because then I wouldn't have to read these stupid books. [00:36:40] Speaker B: That's kind of a bad plug for season four. These books are all stupid. [00:36:46] Speaker C: No, these books are probably going to be good. [00:36:49] Speaker B: I think so. I'm excited. [00:36:51] Speaker C: Season three. Don't listen to it. It's a bad plug for season three. [00:36:56] Speaker D: Yeah. So has everybody seen the movies of these? No, wait, I'm not staying on season three. I'm going ahead again. [00:37:04] Speaker B: The future. [00:37:05] Speaker C: Well, I was going to go ahead. That was my suggestion. I was going to say, let's make predictions about which book you think you're going to like the most. Maybe also, which book do you think will be most like its movie? It's going to be a totally blind guess but it'll be cool when we're doing the season four recap to look back and see if we were right. [00:37:22] Speaker E: Okay. Yeah. [00:37:23] Speaker D: Well, I know that my book. I have seen the movie course, so that doesn't count. I know Kent on that. [00:37:29] Speaker C: What's your book? Eat, pray, love. [00:37:31] Speaker D: Yeah. And I love both, though they are like most things, different. [00:37:36] Speaker C: What do you think your favorite book is going to be? [00:37:38] Speaker D: Good. I'm really excited about the Hunger Games one. [00:37:41] Speaker C: Okay. [00:37:42] Speaker E: The trailer. [00:37:43] Speaker D: I do love a good trailer. And the trailer looks great. I like the look of the casting. They're just really good visual game. [00:37:50] Speaker C: And which book do you think you're going to like the least? [00:37:54] Speaker D: Well, I'm not sure. Oh, that's hard. May I think on that a moment? [00:37:59] Speaker C: Sure. We'll do everybody's prediction. [00:38:01] Speaker D: I'd like to think on that a bit more. [00:38:03] Speaker B: Let's do favorite first. [00:38:04] Speaker C: Okay. Mayor, what do you think your fave is going to be? [00:38:08] Speaker B: The thing is, I've read some of these books. I feel like it's cheating. [00:38:10] Speaker D: Oh, can I ask a question, mayor, before, about your book? Yeah. Sorry to interrupt. Is your book's movie then the documentary, or is this a movie that picked it for both? [00:38:23] Speaker B: And I was like, well, there's an Oprah movie, so. [00:38:26] Speaker D: There is an Oprah movie. Okay. [00:38:27] Speaker B: Oprah's in the movie. So I thought Kim would like that. I was like, there's a movie and Oprah's in it. The girls are going to like that. [00:38:33] Speaker D: Okay, well, I do love Oprah. Okay, so are we calling that's the movie? Because it's not the documentary. [00:38:40] Speaker B: Oh, you're saying which one's going to be the most like. Yeah, because the documentary should be the most like. Right. [00:38:47] Speaker D: Might be a hard watch. Yeah. [00:38:48] Speaker C: I mean, the documentary should be educational, whereas the movie. [00:38:52] Speaker B: Yeah, it's shorter and it's like free on YouTube. You can watch it. Okay. Anytime. [00:38:57] Speaker D: You have to pick one that's yours. [00:38:59] Speaker C: I have to pick one of the pictures. [00:39:00] Speaker D: I'm making rules here. [00:39:01] Speaker E: What? [00:39:02] Speaker D: Which one is your movie? [00:39:03] Speaker B: You can't have both. [00:39:05] Speaker C: I think that automatically the movie's the movie because we're trying to compare the adaptation of the story. Did they do a good job or not? Whereas the documentary, I think, is just a documentary about Henrietta. [00:39:16] Speaker D: Okay, good. That helps my decision making. [00:39:18] Speaker C: Okay. What's your favorite prediction, Mare? [00:39:21] Speaker B: Oh, no, I've read some of these books. [00:39:23] Speaker C: Go ahead and be like, I really like that book. It's going to be hard to beat it. It's okay. Let's just. See. [00:39:27] Speaker B: No, it's okay. I'm going to eliminate the ones I've already read. [00:39:30] Speaker C: Okay. [00:39:32] Speaker B: Because I liked all those books. I already know I like them. [00:39:37] Speaker C: Okay, so of the books that you haven't yet read, which do you think will be your favorite? [00:39:41] Speaker B: All right, let me think. I am going to predict, even though I don't know anything about it, the one about the kid on the train. [00:39:50] Speaker C: Even though it's supposed to be sad. Is that the lion? The name of the movie is lion. [00:39:54] Speaker D: Okay, so Sarah's books. [00:39:55] Speaker E: Long way home. [00:39:56] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:39:56] Speaker C: Oh, yeah. [00:39:57] Speaker B: I, like, cry when I read a book. [00:40:00] Speaker C: Okay, Sarah, what do you think? [00:40:02] Speaker E: I think I'm going to do the opposite of Mare. I've already read lessons in chemistry, and I really liked it, so I think that's going to be my favorite. [00:40:09] Speaker C: You don't think anything's going to take its place? [00:40:11] Speaker B: I was going to pick lessons in chemistry, too. I really liked that book. [00:40:16] Speaker C: Okay, great. [00:40:16] Speaker B: But I'm not going to take it. [00:40:18] Speaker D: Oh, see, this is tainting my decision making. Now, Virginia's book is really good. The BFG might be like, it's such a great book, but I don't know, is it a cartoon? So live action. [00:40:34] Speaker B: Live action. [00:40:35] Speaker E: Yeah, that's. [00:40:35] Speaker D: I'm going to google it real quick and just take a look. [00:40:38] Speaker B: I think it'll be most like the book. I think the book is short. You can make it most like. So I don't think I've seen. I think we started seeing it and the kids are like, that giant is creepy. [00:40:47] Speaker C: And I was like, we don't have to watch this. [00:40:49] Speaker D: Okay. It's kind of live action. Yeah. Like, obviously the. Oh, it looks adorable. [00:40:57] Speaker C: I think my favorite might be the long way home, too, because I do really like memoirs. So I think that might be my favorite book. And I also was going to throw a curveball and say I could end up really liking the hating game, even though I would never pick up a love story or whatever it is, once I read them, I'm usually like, I love that book. We'll see. Because they get a little bit bubble gummy, some formulaic ones, like something borrowed. All of the ones by Emily, they're really bubble gummy. And so if that was it, I wouldn't probably think that would be my favorite one. So if the hating game ends up being like that, then it's not true. That's why I've changed my. [00:41:35] Speaker D: Do they even make rom coms anymore? [00:41:37] Speaker C: I mean, yeah. Isn't that both sides of the road. Some version of one. [00:41:41] Speaker D: I don't even know. [00:41:42] Speaker B: I like romcoms. [00:41:43] Speaker D: You do? I certainly need to hate them. [00:41:46] Speaker E: I like specifically teenage rom coms. It's like, that's my genre. [00:41:50] Speaker D: Yeah. [00:41:50] Speaker C: Like ten things I hate about you type thing. [00:41:53] Speaker B: 13 going on 30. [00:41:54] Speaker D: It must be like a nostalgia. [00:41:56] Speaker C: Totally. Sarah should be the star of that movie. [00:41:59] Speaker E: All the boys I've loved before. I almost picked that book because there's a three movie series and I. [00:42:04] Speaker B: Okay. [00:42:04] Speaker D: I actually do love those. They're adorable. [00:42:09] Speaker B: Yeah, they really are. [00:42:10] Speaker E: I love them. [00:42:11] Speaker D: I know. They're the cutest couple. [00:42:14] Speaker B: This is not a teenage, but it's kind of that same transporting into an older body. We watched big with the kids. [00:42:21] Speaker C: Oh, that's a good. [00:42:22] Speaker D: Oh, such a good. [00:42:24] Speaker B: I like that movie. [00:42:27] Speaker D: Tom Hanks. [00:42:28] Speaker B: When is the world going to wake up and realize Tom Hanks is so good? What? Everybody. [00:42:34] Speaker E: I'm joking. [00:42:35] Speaker B: Everybody loves Tom Hanks. May have heard of this actor. [00:42:38] Speaker D: His name's, I believe, Thomas. [00:42:40] Speaker B: Thomas Hanks. Or thanks. [00:42:44] Speaker C: I don't know. [00:42:45] Speaker B: Something like that. [00:42:47] Speaker E: Sorry. [00:42:47] Speaker B: I just think it's funny when people are like, I love Tom Hanks. You're like, yeah, everybody loves Tom Hanks. [00:42:52] Speaker C: Yeah, that's his thing. [00:42:54] Speaker B: That's his thing. Be loved. [00:42:56] Speaker E: So are we going to go through and say what movie we think is going to be the best? [00:43:00] Speaker C: I think we should say which movie is going to be the worst. [00:43:04] Speaker B: Idea. [00:43:06] Speaker C: Well, first of all, I think I know also which book I believe I'm not going to like the most. [00:43:10] Speaker B: Let's hear. [00:43:11] Speaker D: What is it? [00:43:12] Speaker C: I think it's the Hunger Games book. [00:43:14] Speaker E: Oh, really? [00:43:15] Speaker B: Yes. [00:43:16] Speaker D: I'm surprised. [00:43:17] Speaker C: I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised. It's a prequel. I don't even like Snape. You know why I'm saying it? Because I didn't like the third Hunger Games book either. It was too political. I'm over the whole political thing. I'm into the games. So give me some other version of the games, which I think is in there a little bit, then it might be okay. But if it gets crazy political, then I'm out again. [00:43:38] Speaker D: All right, she's in and she might be out. [00:43:40] Speaker C: I'm half in and out. 1ft in each category. [00:43:44] Speaker B: Cool. Which movie is going to be the worst? That's a tough question. [00:43:47] Speaker C: That's not my pick for worst movie. That's my pick for the book I'm going to like the least. [00:43:51] Speaker B: Okay, so worst movie. I don't know. [00:43:54] Speaker D: Based on the little information I have, I'm going to say the hating game might be my least favorite, but I don't. [00:44:00] Speaker C: Movie or book? [00:44:01] Speaker D: Probably both. [00:44:02] Speaker C: Okay, does that then mean that that movie is going to be most like its book? [00:44:07] Speaker D: Oh, gosh, this is too layered. [00:44:09] Speaker C: And, you know, it would be cool if you hated the book and then you loved the movie because I think. [00:44:14] Speaker D: That would be kind of a fun twist. Yeah, that would be a fun surprise because I think it has real potential to happen in the Hunger Games prequel. Often the book you obsessed with and they let you down on the old screen every time. [00:44:29] Speaker E: So I think yours, killers of the flower moon. Kim. [00:44:34] Speaker B: Yep. [00:44:34] Speaker C: Yep. [00:44:35] Speaker E: I think I'm going to like that movie more than I like the book because I read something that said that they brought out the love story and the book is way more about the FBI. So I think I'm going to like your book, but like your movie the most. [00:44:52] Speaker C: Okay, so least book is killers, but you think you're going to like that movie more than the book, which will be an interesting twist because that hardly ever happens. [00:45:01] Speaker E: I think I am. [00:45:01] Speaker B: Yeah. It's a different kind of prediction. Yeah. [00:45:04] Speaker E: What movie do I think is going to be the worst? I'm going to say lessons in chemistry because I like the book so much that usually that ends up letting me down. [00:45:12] Speaker C: Is that a movie? It's not a show. [00:45:15] Speaker E: I think it's a movie or show. [00:45:17] Speaker D: I thought it was a show. Maybe I'm wrong. I got to google it. [00:45:21] Speaker E: It could be, though. [00:45:22] Speaker C: I'm doing it. [00:45:23] Speaker B: I'm going to do Polisara and say that maybe if I think the book I'm going to like the most is the train one, maybe I'll like the movie at least because of the same reason. Oh, no, the movie is really good. Well, then I can't make that prediction. [00:45:37] Speaker D: I don't know. [00:45:38] Speaker B: I haven't read the book. [00:45:39] Speaker D: A big part of this season thing is how the book and the movie relates is so important. Skews my ideas around. Like, if a book is great and the movie's okay, I'm immediately like, they blew it. [00:45:56] Speaker C: Me, too. [00:45:57] Speaker D: Whereas if I just watched the movie, I'd probably be like, it was an okay movie. But if you read the book first, it really taints the story. [00:46:06] Speaker C: That's why I've been trying to read the book first whenever I know a book exists for a movie. [00:46:12] Speaker D: Yeah, you know what book, and I almost picked it. It was my second choice is the help. They did one of the only movies I've seen where they did a great job in my opinion, doing book to movie, the casting and then just the tone, it was freaking spot on. [00:46:29] Speaker C: The help was a really good book. [00:46:31] Speaker E: I think that maybe even the movie was a little bit better. [00:46:34] Speaker D: I know it's a great. [00:46:35] Speaker C: Really? Because I quietly disagree that the movie is even good. No, it falls in the same category. It's not as good as interesting. [00:46:43] Speaker E: I just think they added a little bit extra in the movie. I read the book, watched the movie, didn't think, oh, they ruined it. I actually thought the movie was really. But I didn't think. I didn't like the book as much. [00:46:53] Speaker D: I think they were fairly just the same. Yeah. [00:46:56] Speaker C: Mary, I missed what you said. You said you were going to do a twist on Sarah or something. [00:47:01] Speaker B: I changed my mind because Leah held her heart and said the movie well. [00:47:06] Speaker D: But I haven't read the book, so. [00:47:08] Speaker B: I'm going to say I'm not going to like maybe the BFG. I started watching it. I haven't seen the whole thing, so I think my kids got creeped out. [00:47:16] Speaker C: Oh yeah. As far as the movie, you think that's the one you're not going to like or that book you're not? [00:47:21] Speaker B: I've read the book so I can't say that. [00:47:23] Speaker C: All right. [00:47:23] Speaker B: I like most things I read. Let's be honest. [00:47:26] Speaker D: Most movies are fine. [00:47:28] Speaker C: Most movies are fine unless you've read the book. And then most movies are pathetic failures. [00:47:34] Speaker B: But also I think the movies, it depends on the funding too, because sometimes they just make a book into a movie, a big deal movie. And sometimes it's just whatever. They just threw it together. [00:47:48] Speaker C: And it works both ways too. Sometimes a book is so popular that the movie gets a giant budget and then that kind of takes it over and loses, you know what I mean? You didn't need a lot of money to capture what was great about the book. [00:48:02] Speaker B: I guess the content you put into a book is different than detailed in a movie. [00:48:06] Speaker C: Yeah, the translation is difficult, especially if you're like inside a character's head. [00:48:11] Speaker B: Yeah, I watched the Goldfinch and I really liked that book, but it was very long and very detailed. And then I watched the movie and it's like half the story wasn't even there. [00:48:22] Speaker C: Yeah. [00:48:23] Speaker B: All of a sudden it's over. Yes. [00:48:25] Speaker C: Pick me. [00:48:27] Speaker D: I have a pitch idea for next season. [00:48:30] Speaker C: Oh shit. [00:48:34] Speaker D: I know. I'm going way future, not next season for, I guess, five. [00:48:38] Speaker B: Okay. [00:48:39] Speaker D: Force the crew to watch the movie first. No, do a reverser. [00:48:46] Speaker B: How about movies that got poorly reviewed? [00:48:49] Speaker D: Oh no, that's just mean, so bad. [00:48:53] Speaker B: Movies and good books. [00:48:55] Speaker D: Yeah, I guess it's too hard because. [00:48:57] Speaker B: We don't know what. [00:48:57] Speaker D: Everybody has seen really good movies that were bad books. [00:49:01] Speaker C: Well, here's the thing. [00:49:03] Speaker D: Does that happen? [00:49:03] Speaker C: I don't know. The reason why I made my little rule of like, if I know a book exists for a movie is because if I watch a movie, I'm never, ever reading the book. [00:49:12] Speaker B: All right. [00:49:13] Speaker C: Yeah, I already know. [00:49:15] Speaker B: Shouldn't show up. [00:49:16] Speaker C: Yeah, I'm not in for season five. [00:49:19] Speaker B: I watched all the movies. I watched them all. [00:49:21] Speaker C: Or I'll be in for season five. But I will save a lot of money on buying books because I won't read them. [00:49:27] Speaker D: I think our biggest criticism across the board will be casting. [00:49:30] Speaker B: Casting. Casting is one of the biggest casting matters. [00:49:34] Speaker D: Casting is going to be the big flaw in all of it because it always goes up against your imagination of how that character. Yeah, it's so interesting. What an interesting job casting is. [00:49:46] Speaker C: We touched on it in season three, right? [00:49:49] Speaker B: Hunger Games. [00:49:50] Speaker C: Everybody felt like PETA was no good. [00:49:52] Speaker D: PETA's all wrong. [00:49:53] Speaker C: But it was funny because I read the book Twilight. [00:49:56] Speaker B: Okay, sorry. We'll bring it back to Twilight, which we have to. It's in her head. She's like, in Twilight. [00:50:04] Speaker E: In Twilight. Jacob was so wrong. [00:50:08] Speaker B: Jacob's wrong. [00:50:09] Speaker D: Oh, see, I haven't read the book, but I think that Jacob's a real piece of tenderoni. [00:50:14] Speaker C: I don't mind Jacob. I mean, he is too short. [00:50:17] Speaker D: So handsome. [00:50:18] Speaker C: He's very handsome. [00:50:20] Speaker B: Poor Jacob. [00:50:21] Speaker C: He is too short, though. He's supposed to be a wolf man. [00:50:25] Speaker D: That's supposed to be like, sounds delicious. [00:50:27] Speaker B: 7Ft tall, so giant. [00:50:30] Speaker C: And he's not. [00:50:31] Speaker E: Go ahead, Kim. [00:50:32] Speaker C: Sorry, I was just going to say with the Hunger Games, I had read the Hunger Games and then we did season three and I watched the Hunger Games movies. And then for season three I reread Hunger Games with Fred and it was good. I didn't think I was going to like it, right, because I didn't want to read a book I already read. And when I watched the movie again, maybe I was less upset about PETA. I had already had the PETA exposure disappointment from first reading to first viewing. But then when I did it again, he was just PETA and it was fine. Even if he was described as a big man, whatever. It was less upsetting. So I don't know what that's about. If I cared less because it was already the new maybe you should watch. [00:51:10] Speaker B: Movies first and then read the book. [00:51:12] Speaker C: That's better no, if I read the book and then watch the movie, maybe I'll read the book again. I'll only do it twice. [00:51:19] Speaker D: Enough is enough. [00:51:20] Speaker C: But I can't watch the movie and then read the book. [00:51:23] Speaker E: So that's season five. Only books that we've all read and watched the movie. Then we reread them. [00:51:30] Speaker D: Actually, that is a good idea, though. The reread, maybe not reread. How does it affect you now and. [00:51:38] Speaker C: How is it different? Yeah, that's kind of cool. [00:51:40] Speaker B: But are we rereading? [00:51:41] Speaker D: Because you could really poke. [00:51:43] Speaker B: No, not ones we did on the podcast. [00:51:45] Speaker C: No, just ones in your life. I think that would have to be a rule, too. The reread. You can't read a book from seasons one, two, three or four. [00:51:52] Speaker D: No, but like, maybe one you read before you were 20. Enough distance that it feels. For instance, Sarah said with Handmaid's tale you had made up your own ending because you needed some kind of closure, which that book. You want someone to win. You need a win at the end, for sure. And you don't get it. So something about that time you probably needed to just feel like that's wrapped up. Maybe all the time. You need things to be wrapped up, but it's kind of an interesting thing. Or what about, like, do you guys remember the first novel you ever read? [00:52:24] Speaker C: Yes. Maybe we should do that. [00:52:27] Speaker D: Yeah, the reread, probably everybody loves the first novel they ever read, I would imagine. Right? [00:52:32] Speaker C: I read a bunch of novels when I was, I don't know, sometime between like eight and twelve. Right? Like a bunch of little skinny. [00:52:40] Speaker E: Sure. [00:52:40] Speaker D: Like goosebumps and stuff. [00:52:42] Speaker C: Yeah. But I remember the first grown up, big fat book that I ever finished. And it was good. [00:52:47] Speaker D: Yeah. First one that made you feel like, wow, books are kind of cool. [00:52:52] Speaker C: Well, then that's going to be some skinny book from when I was eight. [00:52:55] Speaker D: Well, then fine, I don't want that one. [00:52:58] Speaker B: I want the big fat one. [00:53:00] Speaker E: Okay. [00:53:00] Speaker D: The first one that gave you that feeling that you were like, wow, I read an adult book. [00:53:08] Speaker B: Like, if you have a favorite author, maybe the first book you read of theirs when you're like, this is my type of book. Yeah, first loves or whatever. First book love. [00:53:19] Speaker E: Yeah. Okay. [00:53:20] Speaker C: I like that. Maybe. [00:53:23] Speaker B: I like that idea, Leah, that's great. [00:53:24] Speaker C: So season three recap is anything but season three content. We were on season six planning at this point. [00:53:33] Speaker B: I'm trying to think back to our off the shelf episodes that we did this year. It's hard. Everything's just the same. We did the Hunger Games quiz. Which. [00:53:41] Speaker E: Okay. Yeah, right? [00:53:42] Speaker C: You remember who you were? I remember Sarah was Katniss. That's all I remember. [00:53:46] Speaker B: I remember Leah was. [00:53:47] Speaker E: Leah was snow. [00:53:49] Speaker B: Leah was Snow. [00:53:50] Speaker E: Remember? [00:53:50] Speaker B: She was like, oh, yeah, I know what I was. [00:53:55] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:53:56] Speaker C: I was that little girl. [00:53:58] Speaker B: Oh, I was Sinna. [00:53:59] Speaker C: No, I wasn't. [00:54:02] Speaker D: Yeah. Sina is the best one. [00:54:04] Speaker B: You're primrose and you're like, what? [00:54:07] Speaker C: So maybe I was primrose and then I was Sinna when we did it on the air. [00:54:10] Speaker B: Yeah, because you're like, I don't want to be primrose. I'm going to change my answers, but barely. [00:54:14] Speaker C: So that's good because I always think that the quizzes have, like, a formula, and if you pick the one obvious, like, I'd choose bow and arrow, then you're automatically katniss no matter what your answers are for the rest of. Yeah, and I don't think that's true for that quiz. [00:54:27] Speaker E: I have no idea. You're a Gail. [00:54:29] Speaker B: Oh, Gail. Oh, yeah. [00:54:31] Speaker D: Maybe I'll try and come up with a fun quiz for eat, pray, love. [00:54:36] Speaker C: You know what it should be? It should be like, mary kill Fox, but it should be eat, pray, love. Like, would you. [00:54:40] Speaker B: Yeah. Which city do you want to eat at? [00:54:42] Speaker D: Which city would you love it now? [00:54:45] Speaker E: Or like. [00:54:46] Speaker D: Yes, I love that. I'll try and make non leading questions that put you in your significant city. [00:54:53] Speaker C: You're like, hot dogs. [00:54:59] Speaker D: A bowl of pasta. [00:55:02] Speaker B: Or I would eat pita. [00:55:06] Speaker C: I would pray about that pasta. I would love that hot dog. [00:55:12] Speaker D: Love that hot dog. [00:55:14] Speaker B: Oh, my God. [00:55:15] Speaker C: You guys are so perverted. [00:55:17] Speaker D: I love hot dogs. [00:55:19] Speaker B: I don't want to, but I do. Forever. So silly. [00:55:27] Speaker D: It sounds logic, but it's still gross. [00:55:32] Speaker E: Makes sense. [00:55:33] Speaker C: Sometimes both can be true. The most logical can be the grossest. [00:55:37] Speaker B: It's true sometimes. That's just how it goes. [00:55:40] Speaker C: Yeah. So what have we learned in this season three recap that we're looking forward. [00:55:44] Speaker B: To the next season? [00:55:45] Speaker C: I think that it's been a long year. [00:55:49] Speaker B: I feel like a lot of stuff. I don't even know what happened this year. [00:55:52] Speaker E: Yeah, it's been a blur. [00:55:54] Speaker C: Well, and it probably feels like long and far away, too, because it was way less books and we met less frequency because we're like book interrupted light. [00:56:01] Speaker B: Right. [00:56:02] Speaker C: So it is harder to remember when you're not every month doing the same. [00:56:06] Speaker B: Thing, we're going from light to, like, reading marathon. [00:56:11] Speaker C: We're doubling down. Read a book every month. We'll eventually rest in the middle, where we find that sweet spot. Next season, we're probably going to be. [00:56:20] Speaker B: Like, that was crazy. [00:56:21] Speaker C: We're just so excited about the book to movie. [00:56:23] Speaker B: The book to movie. [00:56:24] Speaker C: It's exciting. [00:56:25] Speaker E: Everybody wanted the book to movie. Yeah, everyone was into it. [00:56:29] Speaker B: Yeah. I'm just excited that I've read some of the books already. So if I've fallen behind, I'll just read the ones I haven't read. Cool. Maybe it's unfair to expect the listeners to read all the books when I'm like, oh, thank goodness I've read some of them already. [00:56:43] Speaker C: No, that's part of being in this book club. You don't even have to read the book. You can come with a completely uninformed opinion and your voice matters. [00:56:49] Speaker B: Still, even if it's wrong, totally wrong. [00:56:53] Speaker D: Even if all you want to talk about is Twilight. [00:56:58] Speaker B: Sarah, even if all. [00:56:59] Speaker C: You want to talk about is Twilight, that's not even a book on our list. You're still welcome. [00:57:03] Speaker B: It's a different book that we're not reading. [00:57:05] Speaker D: We're directly speaking to you, Sarah. [00:57:09] Speaker E: We've never even done it. [00:57:11] Speaker C: We can do a chart of how much we talk about each book and then Twilight, comparatively. And it's like the most that and like season five, it's going to be treasured. [00:57:24] Speaker B: It's like more than a year away. That's great. [00:57:30] Speaker E: But now we have time to think. [00:57:31] Speaker B: About what that book might be. [00:57:34] Speaker C: I already know. [00:57:35] Speaker D: It's really good to see you guys. I haven't seen you so long, but I guess I'm up next for my book choice. So I'll see you soon. [00:57:41] Speaker E: Yeah, you will. [00:57:42] Speaker D: And in the meantime, I will devise some kind of quiz that somehow it won't be leading, which is a mystery. [00:57:53] Speaker B: How do you make it? [00:57:53] Speaker D: Not leading won't make any sense. [00:57:58] Speaker B: I like that a lot. [00:57:59] Speaker E: All right, nice to see you next season. [00:58:02] Speaker C: Season four. [00:58:03] Speaker D: Congratulations on another season. [00:58:05] Speaker B: And I can't wait for the pictures on the website. [00:58:09] Speaker C: Oh, yeah, they'll be out. So go check that website right now. [00:58:12] Speaker E: Yeah, they'll be out for sure by the time this air. So check it out. Ww dot And if you want to see the previous seasons, when you go in the home, it'll say like, season one, season two. You can choose each year to go through and see the other ones if you have. [00:58:30] Speaker C: Yeah, you should look at them. They're fun. [00:58:31] Speaker B: Yeah. Especially the first season. [00:58:33] Speaker D: Oh, my God. [00:58:33] Speaker C: Isn't there a Lindsay tampon? Right? [00:58:35] Speaker D: There's a Lindsay tampon. [00:58:37] Speaker B: Sarah's running with the wolf. Right. [00:58:39] Speaker E: Leading as a caveman. [00:58:44] Speaker B: She's a cave lady. It's good. Yeah. [00:58:47] Speaker E: Kara's riding a cheetah, remember? Yeah. And you're. No, no, you're a referee, mayor. [00:58:53] Speaker B: I'm a referee. Second season was my favorite for me because I dressed up like a bird and painted my nose like a beak. [00:59:00] Speaker D: Oh, yeah. [00:59:00] Speaker C: Yes. That was a good one. [00:59:02] Speaker E: That was a good one, actually. [00:59:04] Speaker B: Yeah, I like that one. [00:59:06] Speaker E: All right, ladies. [00:59:07] Speaker B: Cool. [00:59:08] Speaker E: Bye bye. [00:59:10] Speaker A: Thank you for joining us on this episode of book Interrupted. If you'd like to see the video highlights from this episode, please go to our YouTube channel, book interrupted. You can also find our videos on [00:59:26] Speaker F: A book club is just a book without members. Join the community by following us on Facebook, Instagram, or sign up for exclusive content through our [email protected], slash unpublished. We'd like to give a big shout out to our listeners. Your support makes this all possible. Thank you for the uplifting feedback and for recommending us to family and friends. We love hearing from you. Please reach out through our [email protected] fans or by emailing [email protected] we appreciate you for taking time out of your busy schedule to connect with us. See you next time on book interrupted. [01:00:05] Speaker C: Book interrupted never forget, every child matters. Close.

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