Off The Shelf - Episode 7 -The Word Definition Game

Episode 7 September 05, 2022 00:26:16
Off The Shelf - Episode 7 -The Word Definition Game
Book Interrupted
Off The Shelf - Episode 7 -The Word Definition Game

Sep 05 2022 | 00:26:16


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Inspired by the advanced words from “Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic” by Alison Bechdel, the Book Interrupted women play a game. Which definition is real, and which ones are fake?  This episode of Book Interrupted is Off The Shelf. Hold on to your bookmarks!

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Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: Did you know book interrupted has swag? Check out our swag shop on There's hats, t shirts, tanks, and a whole bunch more. [00:00:11] Speaker B: Go to [00:00:16] Speaker C: Parental guidance is recommended because this episode has mature topics and strong language. Here are some moments you can look forward to. During this episode of book interrupted, we. [00:00:28] Speaker D: Are playing balderdash with the words we did not understand in Funholm. [00:00:33] Speaker E: I was thinking, that's a lot like mine, so it's probably number one, but maybe I'm really smart. [00:00:39] Speaker F: The definition seems so obvious. [00:00:43] Speaker G: Pitiful inability too. Not just like no judgment? [00:00:46] Speaker F: No, it's like the worst of the worst. [00:00:50] Speaker G: I need to change my definition to do with pornography. [00:00:56] Speaker H: How about this? Don't be so pathetic. You have to wash your cryptuscular shaft. [00:01:06] Speaker I: You ready, guys? [00:01:07] Speaker G: Let's do this. [00:01:12] Speaker I: Express yourself. Share the wealth. Hold on to your bookmark. We're off the shelf. Express yourself. It's good for your health. Book interrupted is off the shelf. [00:01:29] Speaker H: This episode of book interrupted is off the shelf. Hold on to your bookmarks. [00:01:35] Speaker D: All right, so welcome to this off the shelf episode where we are playing Balderdash with the words we did not understand in funhome by Allison Bechtel. Okay, I am the host, and Meredith, Lindsay, Kara and Kim will be guessing what the true definition is and they have submitted fake definitions to fool us. [00:02:05] Speaker E: Our first fake one. [00:02:07] Speaker I: I know. [00:02:08] Speaker D: No. [00:02:10] Speaker G: So there'll only be four options, correct? [00:02:13] Speaker D: Right. Four options. [00:02:15] Speaker E: Right. That's a good number. [00:02:17] Speaker H: Yeah, otherwise I can't remember more than that. [00:02:20] Speaker D: All right. Are you guys listening? I'm going to do it with the dictionary. Oh, wait a minute. It won't do that because it'll go into my headphones. [00:02:30] Speaker F: Okay, shucks. [00:02:32] Speaker E: Just wait a minute. Just say it. [00:02:34] Speaker I: You can? [00:02:34] Speaker G: Yeah, just say it and we'll resay it. If you say it in some weird way where we're like, do you mean humectant? [00:02:41] Speaker E: You know we will. [00:02:42] Speaker H: Humectate is the word. [00:02:44] Speaker D: Humectant. [00:02:44] Speaker I: There you go. [00:02:45] Speaker G: So you don't have to say anything. We'll still be like, do you mean. [00:02:49] Speaker H: Why don't you spell it too? [00:02:51] Speaker I: Okay. [00:02:51] Speaker D: Humectant. H-U-M-E-C-T-A-N-T. Humectant. [00:03:00] Speaker E: What could it mean? [00:03:02] Speaker F: The definition seems so obvious. [00:03:07] Speaker D: To appear moist and carry a strong, sweet stench. Humectant. To engage in speaking moistly or an involuntary release of air vibration through the lips. Humectant. Involuntary or a substance that absorbs or helps another substance retain moisture. [00:03:36] Speaker E: Okay, so we're going to do the same thing where we put up fingers, right? [00:03:41] Speaker H: Right. [00:03:42] Speaker F: Oh, yeah. [00:03:43] Speaker I: Okay, wait. [00:03:43] Speaker H: I need a review. So the first one is. [00:03:46] Speaker D: Number one is to peer moist and carry a strong, sweet stench. Two, to engage in speaking moistly. What does that mean anyway? [00:03:58] Speaker E: Three, so much moisture. [00:04:01] Speaker D: Three, an involuntary release of air vibration through the lips. Four, a substance that absorbs or helps another substance retain moisture. All right, on the count of 3123, go. Oh, the correct answer is four. [00:04:32] Speaker H: I was number three. That was mine. Kim picked number three. [00:04:37] Speaker I: The lips was Lindsay. [00:04:39] Speaker D: Yes. [00:04:40] Speaker E: Mine was a Trudeau reference because I couldn't resist. [00:04:43] Speaker F: It was impossible to resist. [00:04:45] Speaker H: Oh, I liked the Trudeau reference. I thought that was funny, but I obviously knew that was moistly. [00:04:51] Speaker F: Moistly. I liked number three the most. It was hilarious. The involuntary air. [00:04:57] Speaker H: I did that because of humming. That's where I got humming. Like involuntary air through the lips of. I picked three because it was the. [00:05:07] Speaker G: Only one that didn't have moist. So I thought everybody's fake definition assumed a moist. [00:05:13] Speaker I: I know. [00:05:15] Speaker D: I don't surprise when there are so much moist. Really do know words. [00:05:20] Speaker E: Moist. [00:05:21] Speaker D: All right, thank you, Lindsay. Let me get it. [00:05:22] Speaker H: So what did Kara pick? [00:05:24] Speaker F: Four. [00:05:25] Speaker D: She picked four as well. The score right now is Meredith, one, Kara, one. Kim, zero. Lindsay, two. [00:05:36] Speaker F: All right, nice. It's getting serious now. [00:05:42] Speaker H: I just made mine up, Kara. And, like, right before we started taping, I was like, I need two. [00:05:48] Speaker I: Oh, this sounds good. Lock it in. [00:05:50] Speaker E: Just made it up. So good. [00:05:53] Speaker H: Yeah, I kind of thought it was something to do with the humidity. Makes sense that that's the root of it. I wanted to do something different, like humming. [00:06:03] Speaker E: Very nice. [00:06:04] Speaker D: All right, next word. [00:06:06] Speaker E: So serious. [00:06:07] Speaker F: I know. I hope it's the funniest word ever. The next one with your serious crepus. [00:06:14] Speaker D: Crepuscular. [00:06:18] Speaker H: Hold on, I can put it on my phone. So that one? [00:06:21] Speaker D: Yeah. Perpuscular. [00:06:22] Speaker I: Wow. [00:06:23] Speaker G: Very sensual. [00:06:24] Speaker I: Wow, that's a Marilyn. [00:06:26] Speaker H: Sensual. Capusular. [00:06:32] Speaker G: I need to change my definition to do with pornography. [00:06:38] Speaker E: How do you know the real definition is not? [00:06:41] Speaker H: Your shaft is so prickpuscular? [00:06:48] Speaker E: I don't know. It doesn't sound sexy when you say shaft. [00:06:52] Speaker G: When you say shaft. [00:06:54] Speaker E: I don't think shaft should be capuscular, but I'm not sure we're going to find out. [00:06:58] Speaker I: Yeah, we are. [00:06:59] Speaker F: All right, what are those definitions? [00:07:01] Speaker H: Wait, how do you spell it? Did you spell it? [00:07:03] Speaker D: Oh, no, I didn't. [00:07:04] Speaker H: Sorry. [00:07:05] Speaker I: Okay. [00:07:05] Speaker D: C-R-E-P-U-S-C-U-L-A-R. Puscular. [00:07:14] Speaker I: Okay. [00:07:16] Speaker F: I'm going to die. If one of the definitions includes the words shaft, that's the one I'm picking. [00:07:21] Speaker I: I'm going to lose it at that point. Lose it? [00:07:25] Speaker E: We can't be drinking while she's reading it. [00:07:27] Speaker D: Then first, related to or resembling twilight, dim. Second one is gnarled and twisted. [00:07:39] Speaker G: Your shaft is crepustulous. [00:07:43] Speaker I: Gnarled and twisted. [00:07:46] Speaker D: Three, the lowest part of the surface of a liquid in a test tube. Four, wrinkled with large, deep folds. [00:08:02] Speaker H: Your shaft is. [00:08:05] Speaker E: Okay. The first one has to do with being dim. [00:08:08] Speaker H: Like at twilight. [00:08:10] Speaker I: Yes, dim. [00:08:11] Speaker E: And the second one has to do. [00:08:12] Speaker D: With being gnarled and twisted. [00:08:14] Speaker E: Gnarled and twisted. [00:08:17] Speaker F: And so does the fourth one. Kind of. [00:08:19] Speaker E: And the third one was the lowest. [00:08:21] Speaker D: Part of the surface of the liquid in a test tube. Right. The fourth one was wrinkled with large deep folds. [00:08:32] Speaker I: Okay, wait. [00:08:33] Speaker G: What was the first one again? [00:08:34] Speaker H: Dim. [00:08:35] Speaker E: Like twilight. [00:08:36] Speaker D: Resembling twilight or dim? [00:08:39] Speaker F: Are you ready? [00:08:40] Speaker D: All right, ready. One, two, three, go. [00:08:47] Speaker H: Lindsay has one. [00:08:49] Speaker E: Kim, two. [00:08:50] Speaker F: Tara, two. [00:08:51] Speaker G: Meredith, four. [00:08:53] Speaker D: And the answer is one. Twilight. Lindsay got. [00:08:58] Speaker I: Nicely done, Lindsay. [00:09:01] Speaker F: I never would have guessed number one. [00:09:03] Speaker E: I almost did that one. That's great. [00:09:05] Speaker H: But I love that mare and Kim have the same kind of definition on both of those words. The first ones were both moist. These ones were both gnarled. [00:09:13] Speaker I: Oh, yeah. [00:09:14] Speaker E: That's why I almost didn't guess it. I was like, oh, could I? But gnarled and twisted, that's mine. Number two. And I. [00:09:26] Speaker H: Was the liquid one. I was like, mare's never. What is that curve? Meniscus. [00:09:33] Speaker E: I almost guessed one because I thought number four was too much like mine. But then I thought, maybe I'm smart. [00:09:39] Speaker D: What was it again? Who got two? [00:09:41] Speaker I: Who picked two? [00:09:42] Speaker H: I kidding. [00:09:44] Speaker F: Kim and Kara. [00:09:45] Speaker G: So now Mera has three points, so. [00:09:47] Speaker F: We know Meredith gets additional pointage. [00:09:49] Speaker D: Okay, Lindsay got Lindsay. [00:09:52] Speaker F: She got it right. [00:09:54] Speaker D: And Meredith, what did you pick? [00:09:56] Speaker E: Oh, I picked four. So Kim gets. Okay, I was thinking that's a lot like mine, so it's probably number one, but maybe I'm really smart. That's what I thought. [00:10:04] Speaker G: Exactly the same thing. I was like, maybe I was close. [00:10:08] Speaker E: Maybe sounds like it. [00:10:10] Speaker H: Where are we at now? [00:10:12] Speaker D: So Meredith has three points, Kara has one point, Kim has one point, and Lindsay has three points. [00:10:18] Speaker F: Nice. Okay. [00:10:22] Speaker C: This interruption is brought to you by unpublished. Do you want to know more about the members in book interrupted? Go behind the scenes, visit our website at ww Book interrupted. [00:10:39] Speaker A: Hi, it's Leah. [00:10:40] Speaker B: I just wanted to talk about how grateful I am to have had Virginia as our fan on the book cycle for the midnight library by Matt Hague. She's brought a lot of fantastic conversations and interesting points to the book club and the group. And I'm just so grateful that she agreed to sign on, do this book cycle with us. It's really brought a great dynamic and breathed some fresh air into an already fantastic book. So check out the midnight library by Matt Hague and what Virginia has to say on book interrupted. [00:11:16] Speaker F: Bye. [00:11:17] Speaker D: Book interrupted. Next word is Rococo. [00:11:24] Speaker E: Is that how you say it? Rococo? [00:11:26] Speaker H: Is that too. [00:11:29] Speaker D: Rococo? [00:11:30] Speaker E: I don't know where the emphasis is. Which syllable. [00:11:32] Speaker D: Yeah, me neither. [00:11:33] Speaker E: Rokoko. Cindy. [00:11:38] Speaker I: Oh, yeah. [00:11:39] Speaker E: This is like from the third one. This sounds like a vertical rococo. [00:11:43] Speaker F: She didn't sound sultry. She was like, yeah. [00:11:51] Speaker D: R-O-C-O-C-O. Ro. [00:11:58] Speaker F: Okay. [00:12:00] Speaker D: A late 20th century art movement or slang describing of moroccan origin an ornate or flawed in speech, a literary style, a period of art indicated by ornate decoration. [00:12:38] Speaker G: And then the first one has. [00:12:39] Speaker D: I know, art. [00:12:41] Speaker I: Yes. [00:12:41] Speaker F: The first one also did a late. [00:12:43] Speaker D: 20Th century art movement. [00:12:46] Speaker F: I really want to pick up my phone and Google right now. [00:12:49] Speaker D: They're all the same. [00:12:51] Speaker E: And what was number two again? Moroccan slang. [00:12:55] Speaker D: Yeah, moroccan slang. [00:12:57] Speaker F: What's it going to be? What's it going to be? [00:13:01] Speaker E: I have a guess. [00:13:02] Speaker B: I'm ready. [00:13:02] Speaker H: I know. [00:13:03] Speaker D: Are you ready? [00:13:04] Speaker E: Yes. [00:13:05] Speaker D: One, two, three, go. [00:13:08] Speaker F: Oh, so Meredith and Kim and Kara have three. Lindsay went with one. Let's find out. [00:13:16] Speaker H: I know I'm right because I know the. Oh, what? [00:13:19] Speaker D: No, Marie is right. [00:13:20] Speaker H: Really? It's also an art period. [00:13:23] Speaker E: Two points for me. [00:13:26] Speaker H: Coco is an art period. [00:13:29] Speaker D: Well, because that definition had adjectives and there was, like, a lot. So the simplest one, that is a style of architecture originating in France in the 1720s, evolved from bareque. Thank you. Baroque, maybe, pipes, and distinguished by its elegant refinement. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. [00:13:51] Speaker G: If you know the word, Lindsay. [00:13:55] Speaker H: But it wasn't the right word and it wasn't the right definition anyway. [00:13:58] Speaker E: Right. I got it wrong. 18th century, not 20th. [00:14:01] Speaker D: Oh, yeah. And it's not 20th century, it's 18th. [00:14:04] Speaker H: It's fair. [00:14:05] Speaker F: Oh, that was the. [00:14:08] Speaker H: That would make sense. [00:14:10] Speaker E: I did not know what it was, though. When I picked that definition, though, I just like. It sounds like an art thing. It sounds like an art thing. [00:14:16] Speaker D: There you go. Okay, good. Okay, mayor. [00:14:20] Speaker G: I picked it because it was a literary. And we know that our author was full of literary techniques. So I was like, this has got to be it. [00:14:28] Speaker I: Interesting. [00:14:28] Speaker H: I didn't know it was also a literary. [00:14:32] Speaker D: Yes, it's also a music style. [00:14:36] Speaker H: Yeah. [00:14:37] Speaker F: So, in summary, it's an ornate, artistic. [00:14:41] Speaker H: It's very ornate. My definition was actually one of the could have been. I put number four. But I already knew the answer. That's what I thought. I knew the answer, obviously. [00:14:52] Speaker G: Do you know the answers to any of the other words, Lindsay, before we move ahead. [00:14:56] Speaker H: Not telling you, maybe. I also think I knew myself now. [00:15:02] Speaker G: And if Lindsay sweeps the rest of these ones, we know. [00:15:05] Speaker H: All right, well, mayor's got to be winning now, I think. [00:15:09] Speaker E: You know what's nice is after I decided to make the true do reference moistly, I couldn't resist. Well, it's okay if I don't win. I'm going to put in speaking moistly. Because it's hilarious. [00:15:19] Speaker I: Exactly. [00:15:20] Speaker F: Right. [00:15:20] Speaker D: Meredith has five, Kara has two, Kim has and Nancy has four. [00:15:28] Speaker H: I think I only have three, don't I? Or did I get. [00:15:30] Speaker E: I didn't get. [00:15:30] Speaker D: All right, you got it wrong. [00:15:32] Speaker F: I'm kind of losing confidence in the score keeper. I am teasing. [00:15:40] Speaker E: You don't have a future as a game show host. [00:15:42] Speaker I: But that's okay. [00:15:46] Speaker F: It's just a game. [00:15:47] Speaker H: Done. [00:15:48] Speaker E: What's the next word? [00:15:51] Speaker H: I don't have it. I can't play it. Hold on. I don't want to see the. Yeah, there you go. [00:15:57] Speaker G: That's how she knows the answers, too. [00:15:59] Speaker I: Looking them up. [00:16:00] Speaker H: Do you hear it? [00:16:01] Speaker D: Pathetic. [00:16:03] Speaker I: Did she say pathetic? [00:16:05] Speaker H: Pathetic. [00:16:06] Speaker D: With a b. Pathetic. Spell it. [00:16:10] Speaker I: Yours. [00:16:13] Speaker H: You spell it. [00:16:14] Speaker D: B-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. Pathetic. [00:16:20] Speaker F: I see. [00:16:22] Speaker H: I don't know the answer. [00:16:23] Speaker F: Pathetic. Yeah. [00:16:27] Speaker H: I know a lot of words. [00:16:28] Speaker F: Some definitions. [00:16:29] Speaker G: I know. I was worried about you with this one. I was like, how do I pick these words? She's a word Wednesday woman. [00:16:34] Speaker I: She's going to know them. [00:16:36] Speaker H: I do not know this word. [00:16:39] Speaker D: The art of bubble sculpture within a container of water. [00:16:44] Speaker E: Wait, bubble what sculpture? [00:16:46] Speaker D: Bubble sculptures within a container of water. [00:16:51] Speaker F: I want to go see some bubble sculpture. [00:16:54] Speaker E: Sounds great. [00:16:55] Speaker D: Characterized by bathos emotionalism of soap opera. Full of hope or promise or. The last one is pitiful inability to wash oneself. Pitiful. [00:17:12] Speaker I: Sympathetic. [00:17:17] Speaker G: All right, again, a pitiful inability, too. That's no judgment. [00:17:21] Speaker F: No, it's like the worst of the worst. [00:17:25] Speaker D: Okay, so one more time. The art of bubble sculpture within a container of water. Two is characterized by bathos emotionalism of soap operas. Three is full of hope or promise. And four is pitiful inability to wash oneself. [00:17:48] Speaker F: Jeez. [00:17:52] Speaker I: These are really harsh. Yes. Can it. [00:17:56] Speaker F: Please, can we just make it be number four so that we can start implementing the word into our nomenclature. [00:18:02] Speaker I: Game over. Right? [00:18:05] Speaker D: Pathetic. Pathetic. [00:18:10] Speaker F: Pretty pitiful that you can't wash yourself in a bath. [00:18:13] Speaker I: You're pathetically pathetic. [00:18:20] Speaker D: Okay, are you ready, everyone? One, two, three, go. [00:18:27] Speaker F: Oh, I wanted to do number four. [00:18:28] Speaker E: I wanted to do two, and I didn't do it. [00:18:30] Speaker D: I was like, all right, this is Linda, right? Yes. Characterize bathos. [00:18:38] Speaker E: No, that's me. [00:18:39] Speaker H: Mine. I was going with the bath thing, too. [00:18:42] Speaker E: I was going to do two, and I was like, it sounds like a lot like a definition. And I was like, maybe I'll throw in a wild card. [00:18:48] Speaker H: Anyway, I was going to do one. [00:18:49] Speaker G: Or two, and at the last minute, I was like. I couldn't even remember what two was, but I just ran away from one. [00:18:54] Speaker F: Luckily, everything within me wanted to hold up four fingers. [00:18:59] Speaker I: It was hard to keep two of them down. [00:19:01] Speaker F: I went with two, but I wanted four. [00:19:04] Speaker I: Totally mine. I couldn't resist. [00:19:05] Speaker E: I was like, I'm not trying to win. I have to do something hilarious. [00:19:08] Speaker I: It is hilarious. [00:19:10] Speaker F: It was great. [00:19:11] Speaker E: Well, I started taking the game seriously, and then Dan's like, no, someone's got. [00:19:15] Speaker H: To do the jokes. [00:19:16] Speaker E: And I was like, you're right. Someone does have to do the jokes. [00:19:20] Speaker F: We need speaking moistly. [00:19:21] Speaker I: We need pathetic bathing routines. [00:19:24] Speaker E: Yeah, there you go. [00:19:26] Speaker D: I'm going to use pathetic as your definition going forward. [00:19:30] Speaker I: Yes. [00:19:30] Speaker D: Don't be pathetic. [00:19:32] Speaker H: Don't be so pathetic. [00:19:33] Speaker I: For sure. It's. [00:19:35] Speaker E: For goodness sake. [00:19:37] Speaker H: How about this? Don't be so pathetic. You have to wash your cryptuscular shaft. That was hard to say. [00:19:50] Speaker I: That was wonderful. [00:19:51] Speaker E: And then she met it will help dry it off. Oh, God. [00:19:54] Speaker I: It comes with visuals. All I could see is the guy, like, wanting to clean his wife twice. I don't know. [00:20:16] Speaker E: Definition. We'll have to go on to Wikipedia. Be like, it also means this, according to. [00:20:23] Speaker I: Gnarly shaft. [00:20:25] Speaker F: You pathetic creature. [00:20:29] Speaker D: Pathetic. You're pathetic. [00:20:32] Speaker I: You're pathetic. [00:20:36] Speaker E: I'm glad that one brought a laugh. [00:20:38] Speaker I: I will because of the laugh. [00:20:40] Speaker F: We appreciate it. [00:20:41] Speaker D: No, but you do win anyway. Meredith has five points, Lindsay has four, Kim has four, and Kara has three. [00:20:49] Speaker I: Hey. [00:20:50] Speaker H: No, I still think I only got. [00:20:51] Speaker F: Slow and steady wins the race. [00:20:52] Speaker D: No, you got one. The last one. [00:20:54] Speaker E: You got two. [00:20:55] Speaker H: Oh, I did. You're right, I did. I forgot. [00:20:59] Speaker D: Yes. [00:21:01] Speaker I: Oh, that was a great idea. [00:21:02] Speaker F: That was lots of fun, eh? That was great. [00:21:06] Speaker G: Good. [00:21:11] Speaker H: Although now I don't remember any of the real definition. [00:21:13] Speaker I: No. [00:21:14] Speaker H: Let's see if we can do that. [00:21:15] Speaker E: You're never going to know what pathetic means for the rest of your life, right? [00:21:19] Speaker D: Okay, let's go through it again. Humectant is a substance that absorbs and helps another substance retain. Sorry. Retain moisture. Not remain. [00:21:32] Speaker E: Retain. Oh, then you couldn't use the humectant to dry off the shaft. [00:21:36] Speaker F: You couldn't because it's going to retain. [00:21:38] Speaker E: No, it would keep it wet. No, keep it moist. [00:21:42] Speaker I: It's going to be stuck in those folds. Yeah. [00:21:45] Speaker F: Mushrooms will be growing out of there. [00:21:49] Speaker D: What was the next word? The sexy muscular. It means resembling twilight. [00:21:56] Speaker I: Yeah. [00:21:57] Speaker F: That was so strange. [00:21:58] Speaker E: That's a good one. [00:21:59] Speaker D: Not the gnarled and twisted shaft. [00:22:01] Speaker E: It doesn't seem like it should mean that, though, does it? [00:22:04] Speaker G: Not at all. [00:22:05] Speaker I: No, it does. [00:22:05] Speaker E: Like, twilight has got a certain feel to it and crepuscular. Like the actual word reminds me of. [00:22:11] Speaker F: Like, crustacean or something. [00:22:14] Speaker E: Yeah. [00:22:15] Speaker D: Roco. [00:22:15] Speaker H: Cocoa. [00:22:16] Speaker D: Do I say too many cocoa? [00:22:17] Speaker E: Cocoa. No, you don't. [00:22:19] Speaker F: I don't as many like cocoa. Pronounced. [00:22:26] Speaker D: Ordinance in speech, literary style. It's also an architecture in 17 France. [00:22:33] Speaker H: It's also a music style. [00:22:36] Speaker D: And pathetic is a pitiful ability to wash oneself. [00:22:43] Speaker E: No, we wish it meant that. [00:22:48] Speaker D: We wish the pathetic is displaying or characterized by bathos. Emotionalism of a soap opera. Bathos. [00:23:00] Speaker I: The weird thing is, why talk about. [00:23:03] Speaker F: The emotionalism of a soap opera? Because isn't the whole darn soap opera one big dramatic, emotional? [00:23:11] Speaker E: Maybe it just means, like, over the top emotionality characterized. [00:23:17] Speaker G: Yeah, like the soap operas and exhaust. [00:23:18] Speaker F: Got it right. [00:23:19] Speaker G: How soap operas are really pathetic. [00:23:22] Speaker F: Oh, they are. [00:23:25] Speaker H: They're also pathetic. [00:23:30] Speaker D: All right, that's it. Off the shelf. [00:23:32] Speaker E: We did it. [00:23:33] Speaker I: That was great. [00:23:33] Speaker F: And who's the grand winner? Is it Meredith? [00:23:36] Speaker D: Meredith. [00:23:37] Speaker G: Meredith won anyway, even though she was. [00:23:38] Speaker E: Like, I'm not trying to win. [00:23:39] Speaker G: I'm only trying to be funny. So you won twice, mayor. [00:23:42] Speaker E: That's pretty. I won the joke. [00:23:47] Speaker D: Well, congratulations, Meredith. Wonderful. [00:23:51] Speaker G: Next time we do this, we should have a gnarled shaft as the trophy. Yes, I'll find a gnarly shaft while I'm here because there's probably a lot of opportunity. [00:24:06] Speaker I: Why? [00:24:07] Speaker E: Where are you an opportunity? [00:24:09] Speaker G: I'm talking about a wooden shaft. [00:24:13] Speaker F: I went to probably like what Sarah did, which is you're in an environment. [00:24:17] Speaker I: Which has lots of sex shops around. I was like, okay, totally. Where are you? Like, blackout windows. [00:24:26] Speaker F: Like everywhere she goes nude peach. [00:24:32] Speaker E: There are plenty of gnarly shafts. Use your gnarly shaft as a trophy. [00:24:38] Speaker F: Thank you. [00:24:39] Speaker G: You can put it by your lady lamp. See if it turns it. [00:24:46] Speaker H: I forgot you have an actual lady lamp. And I was like, is that like a new name for your lady lamp. [00:24:52] Speaker E: Come turn on my lady lamp. [00:24:53] Speaker H: Maybe the light up your gnarled shaft. [00:24:58] Speaker C: Thank you for joining us on this episode of book interrupted. If you'd like to see the video highlights from this episode, please go to our YouTube channel, book interrupted. You can also find our videos on [00:25:13] Speaker A: I do a little something with Kim called silly Saturdays. Just silly stuff. Know you want to check out on a Saturday morning, or any day of the week for that matter. So go check it out. Check out our blog. It is ww Forward slash blog bye. [00:25:34] Speaker C: Moments you can look forward to on next week's book interrupted. [00:25:38] Speaker H: Like you can't just talk about, oh. [00:25:39] Speaker D: Another green smoothie and everything will be fine. [00:25:42] Speaker H: Our partners might be nice at home. [00:25:43] Speaker E: But you go out into the world and expectations of the greater world is going to be different. [00:25:49] Speaker F: And I'm allowed to learn in my own way and take away my own takeaways. And there's no set standard here. [00:25:55] Speaker H: That conversation took a weird turn. I blinked for a minute and I. [00:26:00] Speaker E: Was like, wait, what? Mustache hair? [00:26:02] Speaker H: So if the onion had written a book about women's stress, this would have been the result? [00:26:09] Speaker D: Book interrupted. [00:26:11] Speaker F: Never forget every child matters close.

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