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Women Who Run with the Wolves -Episode 3

Book Interrupted
Women Who Run with the Wolves -Episode 3

In this episode, this group of women talk about their feelings and frustrations around raising children in our modern society. They point specifically to instances where they felt judged and pressure to conform to societal norms when it came to parenting. 

In this day and age - where judgement and outside opinions on parenting are rife - the moms in the group vent their frustration with this status quo. The women share their thoughts on how we should be supporting each other instead of judging each other in order to pass that “way of thinking” along to the next generation. They each point out a specific short story from the book that held personal meaning for them and this just highlights the fact that this book potentially has a message that can speak to anyone. 

Discussion Points:

  • Instincts vs Society’s expectations
  • Raising Children while being judged by society
  • Instincts around raising children
  • Children’s instincts
  • Parent’s being judged 
  • Making decisions that will allow your child to be themselves
  • Women supporting other women raising their children
  • Should judgement affect how you raise your children?
  • Parents feelings about their kids often go back to their own past experiences
  • Book for men on the male stereotype and vulnerability 
  • Members’ Personal Journals


Women Who Run with the Wolves

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